Looking for docs in your workspace or in our Doc Gallery? You can now use Advanced Search Syntax to help with this!

Advanced Search syntax allows you to search docs more precisely, from either the Doc List Search in your workspace, or from our Gallery search.

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Supported operators

Double Quotes “ “

A phrase, surrounded by double quotes — "quick brown" — will search for all the words in the phrase, in the same order.

Boolean operators

The familiar boolean operators AND, OR and NOT (also written &&, || and !) are also supported but be advised that they do not honor the usual precedence rules, so parentheses should be used whenever multiple operators are used together.

  • AND

  • OR

  • NOT

  • &&

  • ||

  • !

  • (

  • )

Preferred operators + -

The preferred operators are + (this term must be present) and - (this term must not be present). All other terms are optional.

Boost operator ^

Use the boost operator ^ to make one term more relevant than another. For instance, if we want to find all documents about foxes, but we are especially interested in quick foxes we would use the following query:

quick^2 fox

which would weight documents that have the word quick and fox much higher than those that just have fox.

Non-operator characters \

If you need to use any of the characters which function as operators in your query itself (and not as operators), then you should escape them with a leading backslash. For instance, to search for (1+1)=2, you would need to write your query as \(1\+1\)\=2.

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