Pin docs to folders and workspaces

Save important team docs - or templates - by pinning them to the top of your folders and workspaces

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Pinned docs are a powerful way to keep track of which docs are important to your team or organization. When you pin a doc, this saves the doc at the top of the folder or workspace for easy access by everyone. You can even pin your team’s templates to your workspace.

Note that pinning docs is different from starring docs. Starred docs are a personal shortcut, where as pinning docs provides visibility for your entire team.

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Pin docs and templates to your workspace

Note that pinning docs and templates to workspaces is available only on our Team and Enterprise plans. Additionally, only Doc Makers can pin to workspaces.

Organizations have different best practices, onboarding instructions and templates that users should always have easy access to. This is especially important for organizations that want to standardize processes for users in a large workspace or highlight information for new users joining a workspace.

Now Makers and Admins can pin key docs or templates that everyone in a workspace should always have access to. The pinned docs and templates will show up at the top of the workspace, and will be accessible to all the members in the workspace.

Pin docs

Pinning docs to the workspace allows you to curate and highlight valuable docs right at the top of the workspace so that members can have easy access to them. Once you pin a doc, it will appear under the Pinned by your team section at the top of your workspace. You can pin as many docs as you want to the workspace. Note that you’ll need to be a Doc Maker or Admin in order to pin a doc to your workspace.

Note: You can only pin docs that are in shared folders. Pinned docs should be accessible by everyone in the workspace so please move your doc to a shared folder before pinning them to the workspace.

To pin a doc, go to your doc list and locate the doc you want to pin. Then click on the overflow menu (three horizontal dots) to the right of doc title, and select Pin to workspace. The doc should now appear in the Pinned by your team section at the top of your workspace.

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To unpin a doc, hover over the pinned doc and click on the overflow menu (three horizontal dots in the upper right). From here, select Remove pin. Alternatively, you can also unpin the doc from the overflow menu next to the doc title in your doc list.

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Pin templates

If you have created specific templates for OKR tracking, project management, account plans, etc. that you want all members of your workspace to use, you can pin those templates to the top of the workspace. Pinning templates helps you standardize your workflows in Coda and also help users get started on Coda more easily!

To pin a template, go to the Manage template section in your workspace. From here, expand the template you want to pin and click on the Pin to workspace button. That’s it! The pinned template will now show in the Pinned by your team section at the top of your workspace.

pin template to workspace.gif

You can unpin templates the same way you unpin docs. Pinned templates will also appear in the Pinned by your team section at the top of the workspace and will have badging to help users differentiate templates from docs.

Note: You can only pin templates created by members in your workspace. To create a template or turn a doc into a template, see how to create custom templates.

Pin docs to a folder

Pinning docs to folders is available to all Coda customers, regardless of pricing tier.

Within a folder, anyone can pin docs so that they show up at the top of the folder for everyone with access to that folder.

To do so, just hover over the doc name in the folder, then select the 3 horizontal dots to the right of the doc. Select Pin to [Folder Name].

pin doc to folder.gif

Anyone in a folder can pin docs, and there is no limit to the number of docs that can be pinned. Pinned docs are ordered such that the most recently pinned doc shows up first, but you can also reorder by dragging and dropping your pinned docs.


Who can pin docs and templates?

Anyone - Doc Maker, Editor, etc. - can pin a doc to a folder. This includes customers on Free, Pro, Team, and Enterprise plans.

Only Doc Makers (and Admins) on our Team and Enterprise plans can pin a doc or template to a workspace.

What types of docs or templates should I pin?

For pinning to your workspace, we recommend pinning company-wide resources like:

For pinning to folders, we recommend pinning team-specific docs like:

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