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Sharing a Pack controls who can install or edit the Pack. Once a Pack is installed in a doc, however, you cannot control who uses the Pack within that doc; anyone with access to the doc can use the Pack (barring any authentication requirements). Read on to learn about the various options for sharing and unsharing your Pack.

Inviting people to collaborate

Until you have shared your Pack with other makers or published it to the Gallery, you are the only person who can edit or use your Pack.

You can collaborate on your Coda Pack with anyone. In the Pack Studio, simply click the Share icon in the upper right and type the email address of the person you’d like to share your Pack with:

Then, click Add an editor under the Makers section. Before you share, your profile will be the only editor listed in the Makers field.

When you invite someone to your Pack, you can decide what type of access they will have. In docs, you typically have three levels of access to choose from: Can view, Can comment, Can edit. In Packs, it’s slightly different. There are two levels of access to choose from when sharing Packs: Can install, and Can edit.

“Can Install” access: allows someone to add the Pack to a doc they can edit. There are two ways to do this:

  • directly to individuals (e.g. to Joe Bauer) — allows the user to install it in any doc they are an editor (including those outside your workspace)

  • to your whole workspace — allows workspace users to install the Pack in docs in the workspace

“Can edit” access: When you share edit access to a Pack with another user, you are granting the other maker full access to your Pack. A maker who ‘can edit’ your Pack can:

  • Share or unshare with others

  • Publish or unpublish from the Gallery

  • Rename the Pack or edit the listing page

  • Change source code

  • Build and release new versions of your Pack

  • And even delete the Pack entirely

We suggest you only provide edit access to those you trust.

Please note that while a maker with edit access to your Pack has full control, for published Packs they will not be shown as a ‘Maker’ on the Pack listing page. To add someone as a maker, you will first need to grant them edit access from the Pack listing within the Pack Studio, then manually add their maker profile to the ‘Makers’ field. This allows you to customize who the Pack is attributed to.

Sharing with a workspace

You can also share your Pack — to install or edit — to a full workspace. Just like sharing a doc with your workspace, you can share your Pack with your entire team with a few button clicks. Once again, navigate to the share dialog within the Pack Studio by clicking Share in the top right.

To share with individuals, you would type the name or email address of the person you’d like to share.

For workspaces, find the heading Broader access in the same share dialog. To the right of the prompt Anyone in the ... workspace, locate the drop-down that currently states No access.

You will then be prompted with the same three options as sharing with an individual: Can install, Can edit, No access.

Select the appropriate access level you would like to share with every person in your workspace. Once again, please be cognizant of who you are sharing with and the capabilities each person in your workspace will have.

Unsharing a Pack

Unsharing a Pack with individuals or workspaces will immediately disable the Pack in all the docs those users have installed it in, potentially breaking any workflows/formulas immediately.

The users will receive an error indicating that the Pack is no longer available.

Afterward, any data that has been previously pulled into the doc will remain (e.g. data in sync tables refreshed prior to the Pack being disabled). However, any refreshes of the data, new formula executions, and button executions will no longer work for all of the doc’s users.

If you unshare a Pack from a workspace, the makers of the workspace will be unable to add your Pack to their docs and current docs in the workspace with the Pack installed will break.

Note, all users will receive email notifications if you unshare, unpublish, or delete a Pack that they have installed in a doc.

Publishing and unpublishing your Pack


You can publish your Pack to the Coda Gallery, just like you would a doc, to allow any user to add your Pack to their doc. In order to publish, you will need to complete your Pack listing page. Our team has put together best practices to help you complete this page and launch your Pack.

In order to publish your Pack, you will need to release at least one version of your Pack. To do so, navigate to the Pack Studio and click the Code section on the left navigation panel. This will take you to the web editor. In order to make your first release, you will need to make your first build. Luckily both are very easy.

At the bottom of the page, click Build to make your first build. Once the Pack has been built, you can now make your first release by clicking Release.

You will then be asked to add release notes that tell your users what changed or improved in this new version. You can also view a ledger of all Pack versions and releases by clicking History in the left-side navigation. Upon clicking Release version your Pack is ready to be published.

Now in order to publish your Pack, simply click the Share icon in the upper right.

This will open the share dialog box. Click Publish to Gallery in the bottom right. Upon doing so, you will be given a preview of what your Pack will look like in the Gallery. You can also click See full listing to preview your Pack listing page too. When you are ready to publish, click Publish in the bottom right corner.

Congratulations! You have just published your Pack to the Gallery. You can share your hard work with others be sharing your Pack listing page URL, which is auto-generated for you on the confirmation screen.


If you unpublish a Pack, all docs where the Pack is installed will break, except for those who you have shared it with individually.

To unpublish a Pack, navigate back to the Pack Studio. Click Share in the top right corner. The share dialog box will once again appear. Where you previously clicked Publish to Gallery you will now see Published. Click Published and a preview of your Pack’s card preview will appear. In the bottom right corner, click Unpublish then confirm by clicking Unpublish on the confirmation notice.

You have successfully unpublished your Pack. It cannot be found in the Gallery.

Deleting a Pack

You can delete a Pack by going into the Pack editor, navigating to the “Settings” tab, and clicking the “Delete Pack” button.

This action is irreversible and immediate. Similar to unsharing and unpublishing, it will immediately disable the Pack in all the docs it’s been installed in, and those docs may no longer function correctly.

For Packs sharing with others, we strongly recommend not deleting your Pack as it will break the docs of users with your Pack installed and there is no way to recover your source code. Instead, you can post in the Coda Community to see if you can hand off your Pack to someone else.

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