For our Enterprise customers, we offer the Coda Admin API to allow programmatic access to administrative capabilities within Coda. Currently, this includes user management and auditing activities via an event log.

Note that Enterprise customers can also use the Members tab under Workspace settings to perform user management actions & see the number of docs owned per user.

User Management

In addition to supporting SCIM to enable provisioning with your Identity Provider, you can also use the Admin API to directly activate and deactivate users from your organization. Automate employee off-boarding workflows by transferring documents owned by deactivated users programatically.

Want to integrate user management into a Coda doc instead of writing code? The Coda Admin Pack has you covered for all user management endpoints.

Audit Events

This REST API queries audit logs within an organization, and can be consumed by a SIEM (security information and event management) system. Event logs give admins the ability to see when and how docs have been created or shared, Packs have been added or requested, and users have interacted with Coda. You’ll also be able to see workspace changes, folder creation and updates, as well as org-wide changes (such as role changes and sharing rule updates).

To learn more about audit events, check out this comprehensive documentation.

A few notes:

  • To see activity insights, check out your user management doc. Questions? Contact your friendly Customer Success Manager for a VIP onboarding and troubleshooting!

  • All Enterprise workspaces within your domain will be supported — yes, even if you have multiple!

  • If you have multiple non-Enterprise workspaces within your domain, those workspaces will not be audited but all users will be (as they’re tied to your enterprise organization).

Interested in our Enterprise tier and all its admin goodies? Reach out to our customers team to learn more!

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