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Using select lists
Converting select lists into tables

Using select lists

Select lists allows you and your collaborators to adhere to specific naming or labeling so everything stays organized in your tables.  You can add as many options as you want and see them clearly in a dropdown list.

If you edit an option in the select list menu, all rows with that option will automatically update saving you time and keeping everything up to date.

If you have an existing column that you want to turn into a select list column, click the header and change the format of the column to Select list. Coda will then use the items that already exist in your column to populate the options for that list. 

In addition to Select lists, Coda has a wide variety of other column formats to choose from. You can learn more about your options here

Converting select lists into tables

Sometimes, it becomes valuable to move information out of the column and into its own table as the doc grows. 

Say you start a tasks table and add a select list column for each task's team.  Later, may want to start tracking other information about each team, like its members or location.

Or, say you have a select list for company milestones that you use in a projects table, and now also want to use in a separate goals table.

In both of these cases, the best option is to move the values of that select list into a separate table that other tables can lookup values from.

That's just a click away.  Open the format column option and choose Convert to table.  You can also adjust the name for the new table and its location if you like.

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