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People and Notifications in Coda
People and Notifications in Coda

How to refer to people in a Coda document

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Coda allows you to refer to collaborators directly in your doc or in comments. Simply insert the "@" sign and begin typing - you'll see that all the people you've shared the doc with are available to mention.

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People in Tables

Coda also allows you to set the format of a column to People, which is great for assigning tasks and owners. This allows you to easily reference anyone who has access to the doc, and notify them when their name is added.

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By default, whenever you reference a person - in a comment, in text, or in a table - that person will receive an email notification and an in-doc notification letting them know they have been mentioned in the doc so they can take action. You can turn this off in a People column by setting the "Notify when added" setting to no:

If you want to see a summary of your notifications, you can click the notifications panel in any of your docs. To resolve your notification, simply open the doc it's from.

If you resolve a notification in Coda before an email notification goes out, Coda won't send an email for that notification. Emails notifications are batched and sent roughly every 20 minutes.

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For more information about the different types of collaborators available, check out the Members and Roles article.

Slack Integration

When you @-mention someone in a comment or a doc, Coda Bot for Slack will alert the @-mentioned user(s) so they can quickly find their mention and respond or take action. Added bonus: Coda Bot aggregates these for each user in Slack, so you don’t have to search through all of the comments in a doc to find where you’re mentioned! Click here to learn how to connect your Coda account to Slack.

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