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Learn about AI credits, what's included for your plan, and how to purchase additional credits. Plus read about our AI free trial.

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Coda AI includes a suite of powerful features to help you save time and work smarter. While every Doc Maker in a paid workspace is given a large amount of AI credits, we understand that your team may need more for your work. Included credits are based on your Coda plan and the number of Doc Makers in your workspace. Editors on paid plans and all members on the Free plan can also take advantage of our AI free trial. Read on to learn more!

If you want to learn about monitoring AI usage in your doc or your workspace, check out this article.

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Coda AI credits

What is a credit?

Credits are Coda’s way of counting how much AI you use. You could think about credits as fragments of text. 1 credit is approximately 40 characters in English, or 7.5 words. Anytime you use Coda AI, we measure how much content is in the input + the output and convert those into credits. So if you have a huge block of text and ask for a small summary, your number of credits will be based on the large input + small output. If you have a small prompt asking AI to write a long essay, you’ll have a small input + large output. And if you have a large input and large output, you’ll add those lengths together to get your total credits used for that request.

How many credits do I get?

Coda AI is included for all Doc Makers in paid plans, based on an allotted number of AI credits. Depending on which Coda plan your workspace is subscribed to (Pro, Team, or Enterprise), you’ll receive a certain number of credits per Doc Maker per month. The monthly credits per Doc Maker are as follows:

  • Pro: 2000 credits per Doc Maker

  • Team: 6000 credits per Doc Maker

  • Enterprise: 12000 credits per Doc Maker

Your workspace’s total credits are therefore based upon the number of Doc Makers. These credits are pooled for your workspace, and Doc Makers collectively pull from this total amount as they use Coda AI. For example, if you are on a Team Plan and have 4 Doc Makers, your workspace has 6,000 * 4 = 24,000 credits per month, which is shared across all Doc Makers. Learn about monitoring credit usage per Doc Maker in this article.

Note that Editors all also get a free trial of Coda AI, which gives them some credits to use to try it out.

How can I get more credits?

If you run out of credits, you have a few options. You can upgrade your Coda workspace, to increase the number of credits per Doc Maker. You can also add additional Doc Makers to your workspace, to add to your total AI credit pool.

Alternatively, you can purchase more AI credits. These credit options include:

  1. 2,000 additional credits per Doc Maker for $2 per month

  2. 6,000 additional credits per Doc Maker for $6 per month

  3. Unlimited AI for $10 (billed annually) or $12 (billed monthly) per Doc Maker per month

Note that the above costs are per Doc Maker in your workspace. So if you have 10 Doc Makers in your workspace and go for option #1, you’ll be paying an additional $2 * 10 = $20 per month. Since AI credits are pooled for a workspace, you cannot buy additional credits for only some Doc Makers and not for others.

Workspace admins can purchase additional credits by following these steps:

  1. Click on your workspace name on the left, then select Workspace settings beneath it

  2. Select the Coda AI tab

  3. Click the Add credits button

  4. Choose your preferred credit amount from the options, then click Continue to checkout

  5. Review your additional charges and, when ready, click Confirm purchase

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If you want to learn about tracking and managing AI credit usage, check out this article.

What can I do with credits?

Here are some example scenarios, and how many words and credits they might typically use.

Example action

Average words

Average credits

Write a 140 character Tweet



Write a paragraph



Write one email message





Fill one cell using AI column



Write using AI assistant



Write a 5 paragraph essay



AI free trial

Editors in paid plans and all users in the Free plan receive a set of free credits to try out Coda AI. They can use all Coda AI features until these free credits run out. Any content they create and add to a Coda doc during this trial will remain available after the trial ends.

After the trial ends, Editors will no longer be able to run AI features. If they created any prompts using AI block or AI column, after the trial, they will not be able to edit the prompts, but they will be able to refresh the data as long as the doc owner still has credits. Editors can get more credits by becoming Doc Makers, or if you’re on the Free plan, by upgrading to a paid plan and making that user a Doc Maker.


How can I monitor and manage credit usage in my workspace?

If you’re a workspace admin, you can track AI usage by Doc Maker or by doc. You can even enforce a daily credit cap if needed. Head over to this article to learn how.

How can I track AI usage within a given doc?

Doc Makers can now see how AI credits are being within a given doc. Read all about it here.

We’re running through credits quickly. Is there anything I can do?

If you are a workspace admin, you can monitor your team’s usage in the workspace settings and even set daily AI caps for Doc Makers. Learn all about this here.

If you decide you need more credits, you can upgrade your Coda workspace, add more Doc Makers, or purchase additional credit packages. Check out the section above for details on this.

Can I purchase Coda AI for only part of my team?

Coda AI is automatically included for all Doc Makers on paid plans. Therefore, all Doc Makers will have access to AI and to the AI credit pool for your workspace. Editors will not have access to Coda AI, other than through the free trial.

I’m an Editor and I reached the end of my free trial. What happens?

Coda AI is included for Doc Makers, so Editors must upgrade to Makers to continue using AI beyond their free trial. When their trial ends, Editors will no longer be able to generate new content with AI, but they can refresh the output created by AI columns and AI blocks that already exist provided the doc owner has credits, or if those were created by Doc Makers with credits. Learn more about what Doc Makers and Editors can do here.

Can a trial Doc Maker use Coda AI?

Yes - a workspace member who’s currently on a Doc Maker trial (read more about Doc Maker trials here) can use Coda AI. These trial Doc Makers will therefore pull from the workspace’s pooled AI credits each time they take an AI action, but they won’t contribute towards the total monthly credit allotment until they become an officially billed Doc Maker.

How does Coda AI use my data?

To deliver the Coda AI functionality, we will be sharing your information with our third-party AI providers when you use the AI features. For example, if you ask Coda AI to summarize a set of meeting notes, those meeting notes will be sent to the AI providers. We do not allow any AI third-party providers or contractors to use your data for training their models. Coda does not use the AI inputs and results from enterprise customers’ use of Coda AI for the purpose of improving our own AI functionality. Coda does, of course, separately store doc content for the purpose of providing our services as a document platform.

For general information about security at Coda, you can visit to learn more about how we protect your data. Our Privacy Statement also goes into further detail.

Can I use Coda AI if I’m on the Free plan?

Everyone on a Free plan (Doc Makers and Editors alike) has access to a free trial of Coda AI. In order to continue using Coda AI past the free trial, you will need to upgrade your workspace. Learn more about the AI free trial in the section above.

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