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One of the most powerful - and fun - components of Packs is the buttons they include. Most Packs give you access to special buttons that allow you to take Pack-specific action, from within tables or from the canvas of your doc. For instance, the Slack Pack includes a Post Message button, which can be used to send Slack messages directly from your Coda doc. Another example: the Jira Pack includes a Create Issue button to facilitate the creation of new Jira issues from a Coda table. Use this article to learn more about adding, customizing, and using Pack buttons.

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Add a Pack button

Buttons can be added to tables (as a button column) or to the canvas of your doc.

To add to a table, create a new button column. Then open the button options. Click into the Action drop-down, and search the name of the Pack. You’ll then see a list of all the button actions for that Pack. Select one from the list.

To add to the canvas of your doc, just type / followed by the Pack name (for instance, /Slack) directly into a new line of the canvas. Choose from any of the buttons in the dropdown menu.

💡Tip: you can also click and drag any of the buttons from the side panel directly into your doc for an easy setup.

Next, you can customize the button setup and options to get the button working exactly as you need.

Customize your Pack buttons

For a refresher on buttons, check out this article.

Once you’ve added a Pack button to your table or canvas, you then need to set it up.

For a button on the canvas, just right click to open the button setup menu. For a button column, right click on the column header, then select Button options.

Here you’ll see a number of required and optional fields for your button. These fields will vary based on the button type, so you can refer to the Pack listing page to learn more about each field. Many fields also have small question marks next to their titles, which will give an explanation when you hover.

Once you’ve completed all required fields in your button setup, you’re ready to get clicking. You can also check out our templates, published docs, or YouTube channel for inspiration on how to get the most of out of Pack buttons.


How can I disable a Pack button?

Just like all buttons in Coda, Pack buttons can be dynamically disabled. Open the button options, then locate the Disable If section. Then you can Add conditions that, when met, will result in the button being disabled. You can use our handy builder to create these conditions, or you can switch into formula mode if you want to write out a formula yourself. Learn more about adding formulas to buttons here.

My Pack button isn’t working as I’d hoped - what should I do?

A good place to start is our Troubleshoot Packs in your doc article. It’s full of common issues and helpful tips.

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