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How to use buttons
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The button column format
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With buttons, you can add even more interaction to your Coda docs allowing you to turn your doc into a customized app for your team. 

How to use buttons on your page

  1. Click Explore then Buttons - or - Type /button anywhere on the page

  2. Select "New Button" or the type of button you would like to add

  3. Give your button a name (how you can refer to it in formulas) and a Label (text shown on the button to all viewers in your doc)

4. Confirm your button's action, where the action will be taken, and any other action customizations--like predetermined values or conditions that would disable the button

5. Customize the look and feel of your button by choosing its size, color, icon, and badge value if desired.

Voilà! You've got a beautiful button:

Watch a video about buttons

The button column format

In addition to creating buttons on your page, you can use button column types to your tables to facilitate focused collaboration, take actions in third-party apps via packs, or even enable automations.

Some button examples

RSVP buttons

In the example above, each button is set to add rows to the RSVP table, and we're using the =User() formula to capture the person's details:

Mark all tasks complete

In this button set up, we're modifying rows instead:

Emoji or formula buttons

In this example, we're adding rows to a table in another section and then creating a canvas formula to count the number of responses:

Buttons that push buttons

One of the actions a button can take is pushing another button (or buttons!). This is helpful when you want to take multiple actions at once. In the example below, we're using one button to push multiple "Add Tasks" button to add three tasks in one click.

Buttons FAQs

Can I see all the buttons in my doc?

Yes! If you want to see all of your buttons, go to the Doc Map.

You can get there via Explore > Settings > Doc Map:

Can I notify a person with a button?

Yes! You'll choose the Notify action from the Action dropdown menu. 

You can also connect your doc to apps like Slack or GMail, and use buttons to send messages, email meeting notes, or even automate reminders for your team!

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