What are Packs Tables?

Packs Tables pull in your information and automatically keeps it up to date through regular syncs. They're available for many of your favorite Packs:

  • Dropbox - Items in folder, Received files, Revisions, Shared folders, Shared links

  • Github - PullRequest, Repos, Commits, Issues

  • Gmail - Messages, Threads

  • Google Calendar - Events

  • Greenhouse - Applications, Candidates, Jobs

  • Intercom - Conversations, Companies, Users

  • Jira - Issues, Projects

  • Shopify - Products, Variants, Orders, Inventory Levels, Customers

  • Spotify - Top Tracks, Top Artists, New Releases

How to install Packs Tables

Start by adding the Packs you're interested in using by following this help article.

You can then add a Packs Table via the Building Blocks menu in the right hand panel.

Configuring your Packs table

To configure the settings for your Packs table, click on the Options button near the top-right corner of the table.

Adding more Pack syncs

You can only have one of each Pack Table, but remember you can add as many views as you like. You can also add more Syncs to that table by clicking the Add another sync button from the Table Options (pictured above).

Get more data from your Pack Table

Once you've synced in your table, you'll see the default columns. You can add even more columns by pressing the plus menu at the end of the table.

In fact any time you see a Pack column with the apps icon (like the Event column) above you can "project"  more data with a formula. Just start typing =ColumnName. and see all of the data from that column.


Why can't I add another Packs Table for a Pack?
We only let you add one of each type of Pack Table (e.g. You can only have one Gmail Messages table). We do this since we always want related tables to magically link together.  For example,  if you have Packs Tables for both Gmail Messages and Threads, the Threads Table will always link back to the sources.

Why don't you have a Pack or Table for X?
We're always looking to add more Packs and Pack Tables so just get in touch with us with your request either directly via Intercom (the ? in the bottom right) or here on the community.

Need more help troubleshooting your Packs Table?

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