Using Coda as a writing surface

How to use the basics of Coda's writing and editing features

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Creating a document

Let’s start by creating a new document by navigating to and clicking the New Doc button.

Formatting options

Coda offers a variety of text formatting options. Learn about all of them in this FAQ.

If you'd prefer to explore text formatting options directly in a doc, simply highlight text to reveal the text formatting toolbar to change your text styling and color.

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Adding hyperlinks

You can also add hyperlinks to your doc, and choose how they display. To do so, simply start typing, and if you include a standard domain (e.g. .com, .gov), Coda will understand it's a hyperlink and automatically link the text. You can also paste a link directly.

If you prefer, you can also highlight text, and click the link icon in the in-line formatting menu to add a link.

Hover over a link to preview it, or click the pencil icon to open it for editing. For advanced options, after clicking the pencil link, click the 3-dot ‘kebab’ menu on the preview to choose to show your link as a URL, card preview, or even a full embed.

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Adding images

You can also embed images in your doc, to make them really shine. To do so, type a forward-slash into your canvas and type in Image. Or simple copy+paste an image into the canvas.

Adding a line separator

Create a line within a table cell or on the canvas by typing “-” three times. Coda will automatically expand this into a line separator. You can change the style of the line by right-clicking (control-click on a Mac), and then choosing your desired line style.


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