The slash command

Quickly insert Coda building blocks to your docs using the / command.

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Within your doc's canvas, the forward slash key (/) operates as a shortcut to see and search through a menu of building blocks that you can add to your Coda doc, bringing new dimension and interactivity to your docs.

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How does the slash command work?

While you're working in Coda, you can add headers, tables, views, details, cards, media, links, templates, buttons and more by typing / (forward slash) anywhere in your doc’s canvas - including within canvas columns. Typing / opens up a searchable menu, so you can start typing and see all of the different objects you can add to your doc.

The slash command brings all of the insertable objects that are spread out across the Coda UI into one centralized menu, so you don't have to leave your keyboard to add a building block.


Check out this Coda tips video to learn more 🌟


Here are just a few examples of what you can add to your doc with the slash command...

Add a table or view

Type /table to easily start building a new table, or add a view of an existing table.


Build buttons

Type /button to see the various kinds of buttons available to directly to your doc's canvas: Add Row, Delete Row, Modify Rows, Notify User, Open Hyperlink, Push Buttons and/or a General Button you can customize and format on your own


Use templates

Looking to build something for a specific need, like meeting notes or task tracking? Type /notes or /task to see various templates and tools for these use cases. You can type /templates to explore all kinds of templates in Coda, too!


Not sure what you want to make? Just type / to search for a solution that meets your needs!


I actually want to type the character / as part of regular, old text. Won't this interfere with it?

The slash command should only be triggered by / when there is a space before it. This means that typing something like solutions/benefits will not trigger the menu, since Coda understands you are typing a text string.

That said, if you do have a space before typing / , you might see the slash command menu at first, but you can continue typing your text and it will disappear. For example, if writing short-hand about a page on your website, typing something like /FAQ may trigger the menu at first, but as you continue typing, it will disappear.

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