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How to quickly find content within your doc's pages and tables

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Once your doc grows beyond a page or two, you’ll likely find yourself needing to quickly search for content. Coda has a number of tools to help you search, find, and jump to the right spot in your doc.

The primary method of search is the in-doc search bar, in the upper left corner of your doc. Here, you can type in keywords, and you’ll see previews of matching results across your whole doc - including within tables. But there are other search features in a doc that can help with more targeted searching.

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Search in specific tables

Sometimes, you may not want or need to search across your entire doc. Maybe you are working out of a particular table and just need to find items in that table that match your particular search terms. That’s where table search comes in!

To search in a specific table, just hover over the table and look for the search bar in the upper right corner. Start typing, and any rows that don’t match your search will be filtered out. This search functionality scans across all visible columns, including text values from select lists, number columns, and users in the people column.

Note that only you will be able to see this filtering - the table will look the same as always to anyone else in the doc.

search table.gif

To end the search and return the table to it’s previous state, just click the small x to the right of your search terms.

Search across your doc (and beyond)

If you’re wanting to find something in your doc, the in-doc search bar in the upper left corner of your doc is the best place to start. This is especially handy if you want to look across all pages, subpages, and tables in your doc. And if you can’t remember if what you’re searching for is in this doc or another doc in your workspace - fear not! This in-doc search bar also allows you to search across other docs in your workspace.

Just start typing your search terms, and you’ll see a list of all matching results in your doc (under the In this doc tab). You can search for pages, subpages, text within a page, tables, content within tables, etc. For easier searching, results are grouped by different content types (text, people, tables, etc.). When you hover over any results, you’ll see a preview with more information. Once you’ve found the desired result, just hit Enter on your keyboard - or click on the result - and you’ll be taken to that spot in the doc.

in-doc search.gif

If you want to search across all docs you have access to, click into the All docs tab of the search results. This will show search results across all docs. You can use the built-in search filters at the top to filter by workspace, folder, doc owner, date last modified, date created, and more. Hover over a result and hit Enter to open up a new tab to that doc and page.

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