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How to upload images to your Coda doc

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About image upload

Both the canvas and tables in Coda can render images from a URL, and you can also upload images to cells or directly to the canvas without a URL. The Image URL format is great for images that change over time that you want to keep up to date when they change. 

You'll use the upload image option when working with a static set of images as well.

Uploading images to the canvas

You can add images to Coda's canvas in two ways: direct upload, or as a URL embed.

Uploading images directly to the canvas
To directly upload an image to the canvas, type / into the empty canvas. A dropdown menu of options will appear, and you should be able to select "image" as an option. (You can also type /image + enter and the file selector will appear automatically.)

Adding embedded images to the canvas

To embed an image in the canvas, type /embed into the canvas, add the image URL, and click "create". You can resize the image by clicking the pencil icon in the top right hand corner of your image. Check out this article for more information about embedding content.

Uploading images to a column or cell

Start by setting your column format to the Image column format. For more information on how to set this read the Overview of Column Formats article.

Then, you'll have a few ways to add an image:

  • When you hover over a cell, you will see a plus button appear. Click the button to browse for and select images to upload from your computer. 

  • For faster upload simply drag any image or set of images from your desktop directly into a cell in the Image formatted column. You will see each image appear as it uploads.

  • When navigating images there is an upload button in the top left of the viewer. Click the button to launch the browse and select experience.

  • You can choose to upload an Image via the "file" or "URL" options in the column settings

Adding Images to Canvas Column Types

  • You can add an image to a column by dragging it into the canvas, and resizing it to fit your needs. You can also choose the embed option here. Check out this article for more information on Canvas Column Type.

Uploading images from your mobile device

If you have an Image column in your Coda doc, you'll see a plus button on your mobile device where you can take a photo or select from your photo library. If you'd like to read more about our mobile experience, check out this article.

Navigating uploaded images

When you have images uploaded to a cell, you can click directly into the cell to open the image viewer. In the image viewer there is a carousel of the uploaded images on the bottom. Use your keyboard left and right arrows or mouse to quickly scroll through each image. Click any expanded image to zoom in further.

Settings for uploaded images

As with other column formats there are a list of options that you can set to view your images in custom ways. These settings apply to all the images in your column.

  • Size: small, medium, large, extra large

  • Shape: square, oval, original

Removing images

There are few ways to remove images:

  • Select the image you would like to delete in the cell and hit the delete button on your keyboard.

  • Open the image from the cell into the image viewer. Select the image and click delete in the upper left.

  • Deleting a row that contains images will delete the respective images as well.

You can always go back to version history to find any deleted images in case you need to find them again or someone else deletes them.


Can I attach other file types?

Is there a limit on size or number of how many images I can upload?
There are limits to the total file size per doc depending on your Coda plan. Learn more and review the limits at

What image formats are supported?
You'll be able to upload .jpg, .png, and .gif files.

Can I upload images in mobile?
Yes! You'll see a plus sign that allows you to add images directly from your photo library or to take a new photo. 

What's the difference between an Image URL format and an Image format?
You'll use the Image URL option for images that will be changing frequently since the URL will always direct the most recent version. You'll use the Image format for static images.

Can I directly attach an image from Google Drive?
Unfortunately we don't support direct attachment of images from Google Drive.    The easiest way to get your image in is to download it locally and then select the file it using the add image button via. the plus menu.   Alternatively you could use copy-paste.  

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