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How to Embed on your Canvas

While you can embed content into your Coda docs using the formula language with the Embed and Image formulas, the easiest way to embed content is to type "/embed" on a blank line. When you choose to embed, we'll include a few quick suggestions, but you can add any links you like:

Once you choose your embed option, add the link to the content you'd like to embed. This can a be link address, a file link, an image link, etc.:

You can then resize your embedded content by clicking the pencil icon and dragging and dropping the handles:

Loading external content


Some embeds will show a prompt before loading external content.

Coda has no control over external sites. They may choose not to show the content at all, or require you to log in. This will also reveal your IP address and any identifying information in the URL.

You can always change your mind later by hovering over the embed and hitting the Block button.

Troubleshooting Embeds

If you run into an issue trying to embed external content in your Coda doc, it may have to do with the permissions or other settings of said content. Before embedding, make sure that the sharing settings of that content are set to public. If you ever have any issues, we recommend trying the Embed formula with the force parameter (see below)

Using the force parameter

Many URLs will work out-of-the-box with the Embed formula, but some may not display as desired by default. For instance, content that needs you to log into an account to view or that does not support the oEmbed format (such as a private dashboard) may result in an error or show only basic information.

You can try a different way of embedding by using the force parameter in the formula. With this parameter enabled, the content will be embedded directly in an iframe in your browser: For Example: =Embed("", force: true) 

Ensure that you're using a link intended for embedding

In some cases, external sites will have the option to copy a link that's specifically intended for embedding elsewhere. When possible, make sure you're using this embed-specific link.

Test your embed in a 3rd party code editor

Try testing out the link you're wanting to embed in a 3rd party code editor, using HTML. If you encounter an error there, then this content likely has some settings that are preventing it from being embedded externally. In this case, Coda likely cannot force the embed.

Embedding content from Mode Analytics

When embedding from Mode Analytics, make sure to grab the entire URL from the URL bar of the recent report, then add "/embed" to the end of the link (using the Embed formula), otherwise, the report won't render in Coda.

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