Does Coda support file attachments?

How to add files to your docs

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The short answer is, Yes! You can attach files of any type to the pages and tables in your docs.

Attaching files to the page

If you have a file ready to go on your desktop, you can drag and drop a file to any page in your doc.

If you prefer to look through your system’s file browser, simply type /file and then select the file option with the paperclip icon next to it.

After you attach a file, you can choose from a few display options for your attachmentsーinline, title, and cardーand drag-and-drop files to new locations in your doc as needed.

For PDF and MP4 files, you can also select the “Embed” display option to view them full size.

Attaching files to tables

You can add files (images, media or other file types like PDFs, etc.) to any “Media & Files” column type. A single cell can have multiple attachments.

To change your column type:

  1. Hover over the column name

  2. Click the downward carat icon next to the file type icon

  3. Select the “Change column type” option

  4. Choose the most appropriate of the “Images & Files” options

If you choose the “Image” or “File” column types, you can click on any table cell to reveal a ‘+’ symbol. Click that symbol to open your computer’s file browser and select files to attach. You can also drag-and-drop files directly into table cells to attach them.

Do attachments contribute to my Doc Size and performance?

Attachments do contribute to doc size, but the size of the file should not impact performance/doc load. When you add an attachment to a doc, you are effectively creating a new item that can be referenced (in formulas, etc.), which can have small performance implicationsーbut they do not correlate to the size of the file itself.

Where are my files stored after uploading to a doc?

Attachments are stored in an encrypted AWS S3 bucket.

A note on security

After you add a file to Coda, you may see an animated wheel icon to indicate the file is processing. As part of the upload process, we scan each attached file for virus scanning prior to ingestion. Uploading malicious content to Coda is never permitted, and may be grounds for doc and account deletion. Learn more at

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