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How do I get my profile picture into Coda?
How do I get my profile picture into Coda?

Adding your picture to Coda docs

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Profile Picture Defaults

Your default profile picture is added to Coda by one of two ways, depending on how you login to Coda.

If you sign into Coda using your Google account, we pull in your profile information from Google including basic information like your name, email address and profile picture. To setup your picture profile in Google in follow the Gmail help article at

If you use another supported sign in mechanism such as SSO, we will pull your profile picture from Gravatar.

Note that it may take 24 hours for your profile picture to sync with Coda.

Updating Your Profile Picture

If you’d like to update your profile picture from the default, follow these steps:

  1. Click the pencil icon overlaid on your profile picture

  2. Select the “Upload Photo” option

  3. Confirm your new profile picture by clicking “Change."

Tip: Made a mistake? If you click “Remove Photo” you might see your Profile picture replaced with your initials. Within 24 hours, your account should re-sync with your login email account and your former picture will be restored.

Where your Profile Picture is Used

We show your profile picture in the doc roster.  That's the horizontal list of avatar pictures (looking a bit like a list of M&Ms) on the document title bar. This shows when there are two or more users currently accessing a document.

We also show your profile picture in your maker profile in the Doc Gallery.

We also use this information to support cool formulas like:

  • User( ) - returning the current identity of whoever is viewing the doc

  • ModifiedBy( ) - returning who changed a part of the doc

🌟 Quick tip 🌟

Is your Coda account linked with Gmail? If so, how do you change your name on Coda?

If you add a password to your account from the account page, you can then log in via email/password instead of via Google. Once that's done, you can go into the Google account settings and remove Coda. Finally, you can change your name in the Coda account page.

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