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For Enterprise only: Learn how to use the Admin API to programmatically audit events, gain insights, and take actions in your org

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The Coda Admin API is a RESTful API that allows programmatic access to administrative reports and capabilities within Coda. Enterprise admins can use the Admin API to view and modify policies, integrate with a DLP or e-discovery tool your company may use, view audit logs, and more.

This article will point you in the right direction for utilizing the Admin API and cover some of the most common applications.

Access to the Admin API is limited to org admins on our Enterprise plan. These org admins will typically be members of your IT team.

Within this article you’ll find...

Get started with the Admin API

In order to integrate the Admin API and get started with the applications described in this article, we recommend heading over to our Coda Admin API page. There you’ll find in-depth, detailed documentation.

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Audit Events

One application of the Coda Admin API: audit events. Audit events contain records of user activities performed within a Coda organization. They are critical to an enterprise’s security monitoring efforts. Security professionals can proactively analyze the audit events for any suspicious behavior within a Coda organization and help them in forensic investigations in case of a security breach. Audit events also enable admins to write their own applications to understand their users’ usage of Coda.

With audit events, you can gain insight on when and how...

  • docs have been created or shared

  • Packs have been added or requested

  • users have interacted with Coda

  • workspace changes were made

  • folders were created or updated

  • role changes occurred

  • and more!

To see a full list of audit event actions that are logged, and to learn more about audit events in general, visit this resource.

📣 Org admins can now easily view a log of audit events, right within their organization settings. Under the Audit log tab, you'll find a handy dashboard with information about each event. Learn more about accessing the audit log dashboard here.

User Management

While Enterprise admins have access to many user management tools directly in Coda (via both the workspace settings and the organization settings), you can also use the Admin API to programmatically perform some of these actions - and more. Specifically, you can use the API to programatically...

  • directly activate and deactivate users from your organization

  • list all users in your org (defined as any user with an email address registered to the organization)

  • transfer resources (e.g. docs) from a deactivated user

  • list SCIM groups and group memberships as provisioned from your identity provider to Coda

  • list all users in a given workspace

  • add or remove workspace users

Check out the Admin API documentation for details on the correct end points (and more).

Want to integrate user management into a Coda doc instead of writing code? The Coda Admin Pack has you covered for all user management endpoints.

Resource Management

Org admins can also use the Admin API to view and manage the various resources within your Coda organization. This includes docs, folders, Packs, and workspaces. Here are some relevant endpoints and how they can be used:

    • list docs, list pages, delete docs

    • change doc permissions

    • export a doc (e.g. to PDF / HTML)

    • list folders

    • change folder permissions

    • list pack connections

    • mentioned above, but this could be an alternative section to put the workspace endpoints section

Pack Configurations

Using the Admin API, Enterprise admins can also create custom configuration for Packs in their org. These configurations allow you to limit 1) which users or groups have access to a given Pack and 2) what Pack functionality is available. You can read all about custom Pack configurations here. Or check out the API documentation for details on the relevant endpoints.


How do I use the Admin API?

As an org admin, you can generate an API token at to use for these endpoints. Then refer to our comprehensive documentation on the admin API. To get a feel for the API, you can also use a tool like Postman or Insomnia.

If you simply want to get started with viewing a log of audit events for your org, you can do this right within the product. Just look for the Audit log tab in your organization settings. Check out this article to learn more.

Is it possible to use the Admin API directly in Coda?

Yes! Org admins can use the Coda Admin Pack to access workspace and organization controls directly within a doc. This is also a more user-friendly way to utilize the API.

You can also find a dashboard of audit events right within your organization settings. Check out this article to learn more.

Who can use the Admin API?

Only org admins on an Enterprise plan have access to Coda’s Admin API.

Can I use the Admin API to control Pack access?

Yes, you can use the Admin API to configure policies describing which specific users can access Packs, and what can be done within each Pack. Learn more about this here.

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