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Introduction to table filters
Filtering with formulas

Filter by multiple parameters
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Do I have to use the table filter every time I want to filter something?

How do I remove filters from a table?

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Introduction to table filters

In Coda, we offer the ability to filter out rows in a table or view by stipulating a logic for the rows you want to view (or not view!). To filter a table in Coda, you can use a formula or our simple filter builder. Both are accessible via the "Filter" button above the table or via the "Options" button (your mouse will need to be hovering over the table for the buttons to appear).

From there you can either write a formula to filter the rows in a table or use the filter builder. To access the formula editor for the table filter, just click on the cursive "f" button above and to the right of the filter section.

Here's what the whole thing looks like in a real doc:

Screen Recording 2021-08-06 at 03.23.53 PM

Filtering with formulas

As we saw above, you can write out a formula to filter your table. This can be easier for times when you want to write a more complex logic to filter the table on, or if you just prefer writing a formula.

If you're familiar with how formulas in other parts of Coda work, it's important to note that formulas in table filters operate a little bit differently: the way to think about table filter formulas is that your filter is saying "only show the rows where the formula is true".

Here's a simple example: this filter is only returning rows in a table where the "Department" column contains the lookup value "Produce" (you can tell it's a lookup value in the formula by the icon on the right, or by the light blue circle styling around the word in the table).

Filter by multiple parameters with formulas

What if you want to filter by two parameters, like Department and Price? To do this, you can add the word "AND" or "OR" to your formula, for example Department.Contains(Produce) AND Price <2 .  If you're a recovering programmer, && will also work. Note that if you use a formula to chain multiple logical statements, you'll want to wrap connected ideas using () for the logic to evaluation properly.

You can similarly use the filter builder to do this manually:

Filter items out of a table with formulas

Formulas also allow us to filter items out of a table by typing "!=". If you're new to formulas, "!=" translates to "not equal" and is really just adding "!" in front of the equals sign to denote that you don't want the values to be equal.

Here's a simple example where we're going to filter out all the rows associated with a specific owner from a table of tasks:

Screen Recording 2021-08-06 at 03.14.35 PM

Of course, you can imagine doing much more elaborate statements or even filtering out by multiple criteria!

Do I have to use the table filter every time I want to filter something?

Nope! Check out this article about filtering tables and views based on controls to see how you can use controls to filter your tables more easily.

How do I remove filters from a table?

To remove a filter, click the "filter" button and look for the trash can icon in the right side panel that pops up. Here's a gif of what that looks like:

Screen Recording 2021-08-06 at 03.47.05 PM

In case you're more of a visual learner, this video from walks through filtering in more detail!

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