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Filter by one parameter

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Filter by multiple parameters
Filter items out of a table

Filter formulas are a great way to customize your table whether you're creating a new view in a different section, or if you're refining the data in your original table.  When you filter in Coda, you can use our simple picker or formulas.

Watch a video about filtering

Filter by one parameter with formulas

Imagine I have a table with cars, and perhaps I just want to see black cars. I'll start by hovering over the table and clicking on the filter icon. 

In this case, we want to filter so that we only see rows of data where the color is Black. Using formulas, we'll ask to show rows where: Color = "Black". When you like your formula, hit enter. Remember, you can also use the simple picker interface if you prefer.

To remove a filter, simply click the trash icon next to the formula.

Filter by multiple parameters with formulas

What if we want to filter by two parameters, like make and color of car? To do this, we'll just add the word "AND" to our formula. If you're a recovering programmer, && will also work.

Filter items out of a table with formulas

Formulas also allow us to filter items out of a table. So to see all cars that aren't black, use "!=Black" in your formula. If you're new to formulas, != translates to not equal.

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