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Filter items out of a table

Filter formulas are a great way to customize your table. Whether you're creating a new view in a different section, or if you're refining the data in your original table -you're in the right place!  To filter a table in Coda, you can use a formula or our simple filter builder:

This video from walks through filtering in more detail:

Filter by one parameter with formulas

You can also manually write out your table filter formula. The way to think about this formula is that your filter is saying, if this condition is true, include the resulting values in this table. To open the formula builder:

  1. Hover over the table or view you'd like to filter and select Options

  2. Select Filter

  3. Pop open the formula builder by selecting the icon in the top right of the side panel in the Filter options

In the example above, the formula looks like:

To remove a filter, click the three dots "kebab" icon next to the filter in the side panel and select "Remove."

Filter by multiple parameters with formulas

What if you want to filter by two parameters, like Department and Price? To do this, you can add the word "AND" or "OR" to your formula, for example Department.Contains(Produce) AND Price <2 .  If you're a recovering programmer, && will also work. Note that if you use a formula to chain multiple logical statements, you'll want to wrap connected ideas using () for the logic to evaluation properly.

You can similarly use the filter builder to do this manually:

Filter items out of a table with formulas

Formulas also allow us to filter items out of a table. So to see all cars that aren't black, use !="Black" in your formula. If you're new to formulas, != translates to not equal.

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