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For Enterprise only: Learn when to use the Coda Admin Pack and how to install it

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If you’re an org admin on our Enterprise plan, you can use the Coda Admin Pack to get valuable information on all the folders, docs, Packs and members in your organization - right inside a Coda doc. You can also use the Pack to take actions directly from your doc, including changing doc permissions, exporting and analyzing doc or member info, and more.

This article will cover when to use the Coda Admin Pack (versus when to use the controls in your workspace or org settings) and how to install it.

📣 This article is intended only for Enterprise customers. Only Enterprise org admins have the ability to install the Coda Admin Pack.

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When to use the Coda Admin Pack

The Coda Admin Pack has many valuable uses. It essentially acts like a UI layer to the Admin API and gives admins realtime information on users, docs, folders, Packs, and activity in their organization The Pack allows you to view all of this info and make changes - right from a Coda doc.

ℹ️ You can check out the Pack listing page to see the full suite of abilities.

But we also have the Workspace settings and Organization settings control panel, where you can similarly view org info, adjust controls, and more. So you may be wondering: When should I use the Coda Admin Pack and when should I access the in-product settings panels?

There is some overlap between the Coda Admin Pack and the in-product settings, so here’s some general guidance for org admins:

  • Use the in-product settings to...

    • Manage members and see usage analytics for workspace members

    • View all the docs that have Packs in them

    • Change permissions on any doc

    • See and transfer docs owned by deactivated users

    • See and manage AI usage

  • Use the Coda Admin Pack to...

    • Export information on users, docs, packs, folders for detailed analysis

    • View and export audit logs

Install the Coda Admin Pack

In order to install the Coda Admin Pack in a doc, you must be an Enterprise org admin. Then just follow these steps:

  1. On a blank line in any Coda doc, type /coda admin, then choose the Coda Admin Pack from the drop-down menu.

  2. You’ll see a pop-up with information about the Pack. Click Add to doc.

enterprise install coda admin pack.gif

That’s it! The Pack is now installed. To start using it, simply click and drag any of the building blocks from the right panel into your doc. If you need to get back to this panel at any time, just click Insert in the upper right corner of your doc, then select Packs, then find Coda Admin Pack (under the Installed Packs section).


Who can use the Coda Admin Pack?

Only org admins on our Enterprise plan can install the Coda Admin Pack in a doc. Since this requires doc building, these org admins must also have a Doc Maker (or workspace admin) role.

Once installed, anyone else with access to the doc may be able to use or view data from the Pack, depending on the account type (shared vs. private) used for the Pack. Read more about shared vs. private accounts here.

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