For new rows in my to-do list, I want the date column in my table to default to today's date and the status to default to "Not Started".  Click on the column you want to apply the default to and choose Select list options (make sure your column type is a Select list). Then add your option in the Value for new rows field:

You can include a value like "Not Started" or click the little "f" formula button and include something like  =Today().  

Some other formula examples:

  1. Set the value to count of rows in table: =thisTable.Count() 
  2. Set the numeric value to the next number in sequence starting at 1: =thisTable.NumberCol.Max(0) + 1 
  3. Set the date value to next day, starting today: =thisTable.DateCol.Max(Today() - 1) + 1 
  4. Set a person as a default value by using the user's email as default 

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