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How can I add a header image to my doc?
How can I add a header image to my doc?

Make beautiful docs by adding a header image to your pages

Updated over a week ago

Header images are large pictures that live at the top of your doc.  To set a header image:

  1. Hover over the first line of text (Title) in your page's canvas.

  2. Select "Add cover."

After adding the option for a cover image, you may choose from a few options for your photo:

  • Choose from Unsplash allows you to search a directory of free stock photos for your doc.

  • Upload Image allows you to upload your own image.

  • Reposition allows you to drag and move the image so it is framed within the heading,

  • Remove will entirely remove the cover photo from your doc and return to an image-less page (without a placeholder).

You can add a header image to any page in your doc! The size of these photos should be 1500 x 380.

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