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Use the Coda + Microsoft Teams integrations to power up your workflow. Both the Coda app for Teams and the Teams Pack may require additional permission to be granted by a Teams administrator.

Coda app for Microsoft Teams

To grant access to the app in your Microsoft Teams environment, navigate to the Microsoft Teams admin center. You can get there from the Microsoft admin center:

From the Microsoft Teams admin center, select Teams apps > Manage apps. Then search for Coda in the list. If the status is anything other than "Allowed", click View details under the Permissions column:

On the Coda app page, you can click Review permissions to accept the permissions for the app. Note that clicking the Review button will open a pop-up window where you can see details on the permissions that the app requires & agree to allow it.

Note that if your organization's org-wide default app setting is set to "Allow all apps", you will not need to complete this step, and users should be able to install Coda without any additional steps required from a Microsoft Teams admin.

The listing for the Coda app can be found here. More information on how to use the Coda app for Teams can be found here.

Microsoft Teams Pack for Coda

To grant access to use the Microsoft Teams Pack, start by installing the Teams Pack in a doc in your enterprise workspace. See instructions here. Ensure that you're logging in with an account that has Microsoft admin access.

When you sign in, you'll see an additional step to grant permission:

Select Consent on behalf of your organization & click Accept.

To update settings for the Microsoft Teams Pack, go to Update settings by clicking the three dots in the corner > Manage your application.

The listing for the Microsoft Teams Pack can be found here. More information on how to use the Microsoft Teams Pack can be found here.

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