Coda app for Microsoft Teams

Power up your Teams experience with Coda docs by directly embedding docs in Teams

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With the Coda app for Microsoft Teams, you can create tabs in chats & channels to pin Coda docs. Use Coda tabs to provide quick access to frequently-used Coda docs without leaving the Teams app.

Admin Setup: 🛑 DO THIS FIRST

To get set up with the Coda app for Teams, work with your Microsoft Teams admin to ensure that the setup steps on Granting access to the Coda + Microsoft Teams integration are completed.

Add Coda doc tab to a Team

Access a doc directly from a channel or chat

Adding the Coda app to a Teams channel enables you to link an existing or new doc and use it fully, without leaving Teams!

Within any channel in a team or chat, press the + and search for “Coda” to install the Coda app.

If you don’t see the Coda app available, please reach out to a Microsoft admin at your organization to follow the steps listed here.


It may take a few seconds after you click on the Coda app for the Coda sign-in pop-up to appear. When it does, enter your credentials as if you’re logging in to see a doc.

Choose the doc you’d like to pin in a tab & specify other details, like the page you’d like to land on, and the name you’d like to give to the tab that’s created.

Share a doc with your team

When adding a new Coda tab in a chat or channel, you'll see the option to share the doc that you've selected (or new doc) with current members of the channel or chat.

This will share the doc with all existing members of that chat or channel who don't already have access to it. If someone is added to the chat or channel & the doc isn't already shared with them, they will not be able to see the contents of the doc and receive an error message like this:

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