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Creating Forms

🌟 Please note, that only the Doc Maker will be able to publish Docs or Forms. 🌟

To build and customize a form, access the ‘Form Options’ menu by either typing /form to create a new form, or by hovering to expose the ‘Options’ menu, and then clicking ‘More’ (next to the Calendar view option) and selecting ‘Form.’

From the ‘Form Options’ Menu, you select ‘Layout’ to open the editing mode for your form. From the Layout menu, you can take several actions for various components of your form.

Form details

Update your form’s title, add a description, and add a cover photo by clicking on the options at the top of your form in the main panel.

⭐ Coda Tips!

Questions & layout

Click on any column “block” to update it.

  • Change the column name to update the name of the column in the results table

  • Add a unique question to show people who fill out your form a different prompt than the column name. For example, if your table has a column called “Discussion Topics,” you could add a long name so that people who fill out your form see the question, “What would you like to discuss?” (If you do not add a long name, the question will display as the column name by default)

  • Add a description or help text for the question

  • Click in the upper right corner of the column block to change the column type. For example, you could change a text column to a select list to display the input options as radio buttons or a drop-down in the form.

  • From the column type menu, you can also open the column options menu, or choose style options and visual formatting (like text alignment and label placement) for some question types

  • When you click the icon in the upper right corner of the column block, you can also set a question as required.

  • “Grab” the toggle handle on the left of any column block to drag it to a new location in the form and to customize your layout

Learn more about settings and different column-type behaviors in this set of FAQs about Forms.

Edit Form Questions.gif

Form settings & Publishing

From the layout options panel, you can publish your form (more on this feature below), adjust privacy settings, rearrange and edit columns and their visibility, add new columns, and manage confirmation settings.

Reviewing Results

If you begin creating your form as a table, your table will collect the results from your form. If you began a form by typing /form, you’ll be able to see a version of your form in your doc, and a results table will automatically be added below that form.

Adding pre-filled content

You can update URLs for forms you publish to pre-fill fields in your forms.

To do so:

  1. Publish your form

  2. Append text to your URLs to specify any fields that should be pre-filled (read on for more)

Prefilled Forms.gif

URL Structure to Pre-Fill Fields

To pre-fill fields, grab your published form URL and add addition text, starting by appending ? to the URL. Then, indicate fields that should be pre-filled using the Column Name (in the underlying results table) and the designated value. For example for the form below, you could pre-fill the name of the “Project” to “Razor Crest” by structuring your URL as


Then, anyone who access the form from that link will have the project pre-filled for them. If you were on team Galaxy’s Edge and wanted to pre-fill that Project Name for your team when filling out the form, you’d put Galaxy%27s%20Edge as the value for Project in the URL. (Please note the standard URL encoding for apostrophes and spaces, as column names and values need to be URI encoded.)

URL Structure to Pre-Fill Multiple Fields

You can pre-fill multiple values (or pre-select multiple choices from a multi-select list) by separating the values with ampersands [ & ] in your URLs.

The following pre-fills both the Project name and the Sprint:


Pre-Filling Hidden Fields

Perhaps you want to add some information by default in your results table, but in columns that are hidden in your form. To do so:

  1. Navigate to your form options

  2. Select Publish

  3. Open the Privacy settings

  4. Toggle “Include hidden columns for URL parameters” to on

This will allow you to encode your URLs with parameters that are collected in hidden columns that people filling out your form would not see. A common example would be “Source” to structure a URL sent via email to indicate the form was filled out via your email send (vs. via Slack or some other way of sharing).

A note on security & privacy

Please respect your users’ security and privacy when encoding form URLs. Nothing sensitive should be encoded or collected via your URLs, as query parameters are logged all over the Internet. Forms found to be violating this stipulation may be disabled per Coda’s terms and conditions.

Forms FAQ

Can I mark questions as required?

Yes. When editing a question’s column type, you can mark a question as required.

Can I add validation to my form?

Yes. When editing a question’s column type, you will see a ‘Validation’ option in the settings panel for supported columns. Provide your formula and error message to guide users who provide invalid answers.

Can I stop my form from collecting inputs/receiving answers?

Yes. From your doc’s privacy settings, you can toggle submissions on or off underneath your form’s custom URL.

Can I require people to login before completing my form?

Yes. From your published form settings, you can toggle login requirement on or off underneath your form’s custom URL. When toggled on, users will be required to login to complete your form, and their names and email addresses will be collected with their submissions.

Tip: Make sure to add a "Created By" column to your results table. Do this by adding a column, changing the column type, and then selecting "Created By" under the "Properties" options:

Can I send out a form in Coda so people can enter data in a doc without accessing it?

Yes! In order to get the data from users without Coda accounts, you'll need to share out the Published Form link via your form settings.

Can I use branching logic in Coda forms?

Not at this time.

Can I use select lists and lookup columns in my form?

Yes, with some caveats for forms that you publish.

When you publish a form to a unique URL, only the information necessary to render the form is hosted at the new destination to prevent unwanted information disclosure. This means a table of items pulled into a select list or lookup column are not copied to a new form by default. You can adjust this in your form's privacy settings:

Note that this limits the ability to use things like select lists derived from formulas, for the sake of your doc privacy and security. As an alternative, we recommend using lookup columns.

Can I configure pre-filled fields in my forms?

Yes. Learn about how to structure your published form URLs and Privacy settings to pre-fill fields towards the beginning of this help article.

What privacy settings are available?

For forms that you do not publish a unique URL, privacy is controlled along with your doc’s settings. That is, people who have access to the doc will have access to the form and its results.

For forms that you publish with a unique URL, you can choose to toggle off lookup columns or people options to prevent private doc or teammate data from being visible as options in your form. You can access the privacy settings for published forms on the same panel where you generate your unique URL.

Can I still use add-row buttons that open the row modal for editing?

Yes. This feature is not going away. However, if you prefer alternative data input methods (such as radio buttons), the comfort of a “submit” button with submission confirmation, and/or the opportunity to share a form without sharing the rest of your doc, you may want to use a form.

Can I still use the Typeform Pack or Google Apps Script/Zapier to send data from third-party forms to Coda?

You sure can!

Can I remove the Coda branding at the end of my form?

Makers with Pro, Team, or Enterprise plans can remove Coda branding from their forms. Learn more at coda.io/pricing

Where can I share my feedback for forms?

We'd love your feedback!

Please use this form to share your feedback with our product team.

Need Inspiration? Check out Forms in our Gallery 😄

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