If you have a page that you’d like to share with someone as an un-editable attachment, like an invoice or summary, you can export that page as a PDF directly from Coda on the web. Here’s how:

  1. Bring your cursor next to your doc title to expose the three-dot menu ...

  2. Click the three-dots to open a drop down of doc options

  3. Hover over "Print & PDF". Then click "Export to PDF".

  4. You will see the option to export the entire doc, certain pages, or certain pages and their subpages. Select the one you'd like.

You’ll see a notification that your page is being exported as a PDF. When ready, the page will automatically download in your browser. From there, you can open, move or attach the PDF as needed.

A few things to know about our current support for PDFs directly from Coda:

  1. You can choose to export an entire document, a single page, or a page and all of its subpages

  2. You must wait until your PDF export request has finished before beginning another export

  3. You can choose your orientation (landscape or portrait) and paper size during the export process

  4. Wide tables will not be shrunk to fit the page, which may result in columns from wide tables being cut off in the exported PDF; you may wish to try landscape exports for these cases!

  5. While hyperlinks are clickable and will bring you to the indicated website, references within the doc (to people, tables, rows or pages) are not clickable navigation objects

Printing a Page from your Coda doc

If you'd prefer to print a page directly from Coda, follow the instructions in this article: How do I print a page from a Coda doc?

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