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Can I collapse tables or text in Coda?
Can I collapse tables or text in Coda?

Use folding to collapse headings, tables, lists and views in your doc

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How do I collapse content?

To collapse content, take the following steps:

  • Hover over the three dot menu icon to the left of your heading or table. (Note: tables and views must have their title visible in order to be collapsed.)

  • Click on the menu icon to see your options and select "Collapse content." 

  • For headings and table titles, this will collapse all text and headings of smaller size under the heading. (For example, collapsing an H2 headings will collapse any text and any H3 headings under it). For tables and views, this will collapse the table or view only.

  • To expand collapsed contend, click the triangle icon to the left of the heading or title. Clicking the title again will collapse the content. 

  • You must apply collapsing to each individual section of text or table you'd like to collapse.

Here's a gif of what those steps look like:

Note that applying collapsing to a section will apply for all users of your doc. However, once collapsing is applied, expanding and collapsing the content will only apply for the user who makes the change.

How do I disable collapsing?

To disable collapsing on a heading, table, view or list  take the following steps: 

  • Click on or hover over a text heading or title for a table or view to expose the 3 dot menu icon to the left of your heading or table. 

  • Click the menu to pop open a menu with the option to "Disable collapsing."

  • Your content will expand.

  • You must disable collapsing for each individual section of text or table that you want to stay expanded.

Here's a gif of those steps!:

Collapsing FAQs

Can I collapse or expand all of my content at once? 

Yes! To collapse all your content at once, hover over the three dots menu icon and select the "Expand/collapse all" option.

Are there keyboard shortcuts I can use to expand or collapse content?

You betcha! Here they are:

  • On Mac, use Cmd + .  to expand or collapse the current section, and use Cmd  + Opt  + .  to expand or collapse all sections.

  • On PC, use Ctrl  + .  to expand or collapse the current section, and use Ctrl  + Alt  + Shift  + .  to expand or collapse all sections.

What are some example use cases for collapsing content?

You can enable collapsing whenever it makes sense for you, your doc and/or your audience! Some use cases for this feature include the following scenarios:

  • Create an FAQ where each question is a Heading, and collapse them all. This allows readers to quickly skim for their question, and expand to see the answer.

  • Collapse items in a list or checklist to help focus collaborators' attention on top-level items

  • Collapse headings in a writeup, so readers start with a summary and can dive in to the sections most applicable to them.

  • Collapse headings for explanatory sections in write-ups, or for appendices.

  • Using a table simply as a lookup or to store data for other parts of your doc? Collapse it so it doesn't distract from the core content of your doc!

If I expand a collapsed heading, does that show the content within it to everyone else viewing a doc?

Nope! Once you enable collapsing, the affected content will be collapsed by default when other users load the doc. Expanding and collapsing that content will be personal to the viewer.

Can I use collapsing on mobile?

If you are viewing a doc, you can tap on a heading, table or view that is collapsed on mobile to expand it.

To edit a doc, click 'Edit' from the toolbar. You cannot expand nor collapse content while in edit mode; all content will be expanded by default. 

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