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The Discourse Pack uses the Discourse API enabling you to enrich your documents with topics, posts and category information from your customer forums.   To use the Discourse Pack, you or your admin will need to generate an API key for you.

To setup your Discourse Pack:

  1. Visit your Discourse Admin website - this is hosted at https://<your-discourse-hostname>/admin
  2. Click on the Users tab and click on the user account you wish to associate with an API key
  3. In the user profile, scroll down to the Permissions section and click on the Generate button to create the API key.
  4. Use your website https://<your-discourse-hostname>, the API key and the username to configure your Discourse connection.


The FullContact Pack uses the Enrich API, which lets you search FullContact for any additional information on a contact from an email address. You'll need an API key from a FullContact developer account.

To setup your FullContact Pack:

  1. Visit your FullContact Developer's Dashboard, logging in if necessary.
  2. Scroll down to the Get Your API Key section and click the "Generate API Key" button.
  3. Give your API key a name (e.g. "Coda FullContact Pack") and click "Save".
  4. You should now see your Secret API Key which you can copy onto your clipboard.

Note: FullContact has individual accounts as well for managing contacts. The FullContact Pack does not use this account type.


The Greenhouse Pack provides seamless integration between your Docs and the Greenhouse Harvest API. To connect your doc to Greenhouse, you'll need to a Greenhouse API Key.

To create your API Key, navigate to the Developer Center:

  • Click on the button Create New API Key at the top of the screen
  • Give the new key a descriptive name (ex: Coda)
  • Select type Harvest as this key will be used with the Harvest API.
  • Grant the key the following permissions:

    GET: Retrieve Application
    GET: List Applications

    GET: Retrieve Candidate
    GET: List Candidates
    POST: Add Candidate
    POST: Add Prospect

   GET: Retrieve Department
   GET: List Departments

   GET: Retrieve Office
   GET: List Offices

    GET: Retrieve Job
    GET: List Jobs

    GET: List Users

  • Save the updated permissions changes and then copy the key to the clipboard
  • Now head on over to Coda, add the Greenhouse Pack and paste in your API Key


The Shopify Pack enables you to access you store's Shopify data directly from within Coda.   The Shopify Pack uses the Shopify Admin API using private application keys for authentication.

To create your API Key and Password:

  1. From your Shopify Admin, go to Apps
  2. Click Manage private apps. 
  3. Click Create new private app.
  4. In the Description section, enter "Coda" for the name of the private app and add your email address as a contact email.
  5. In the Permissions section, select "Read and Write" access for Customer, Orders, Products, and Inventory data, as well as "Read" access for Locations data. You may have to click the link that says "Review disabled Admin API permissions" in order to see some of these permissions, particularly those for Inventory and Locations, which are buried amid a long list of other permissions.
  6. When you're done, click Save. The API key and password for your Pack connection are displayed on screen.

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The Twilio Pack provides seamless integration between your Docs and Twilio's SMS API.  To connect your document to Twilio, you'll need to create a Twilio account and grab the API key.

To setup your account, you'll need to locate your account SID and auth token.   These can be found in the Twilio Console.   If you don't have an existing Twilio account, you can signup for a free trial account to try things out.

Once logged in you'll find the credentials at the top of the project dashboard.

Permissions - Who can take actions?

  • If you want everyone in the doc to send text messages, select "Anybody". This way not everyone will need to have their own Twilio Account


If you want to install GitHub to manage engineering tasks at your company by:

  •  Linking to pull requests and having everyone see data about them like author, description, and line counts.  
  • Not allowing everyone to merge PRs from your doc. 

You'll take the following actions in the permissions section of your Pack installation:

  • For "Who can view GitHub data using this account?", you should say "Anybody", so everyone in the doc can see the data. 
  • For "Who can take actions in GitHub using this account?", you should say "Nobody", since you only want the Pack for viewing data.


If you want to use the Gmail pack to allow members of your team to send each other emails from within your doc, you'll choose the following settings:

  • For "Who can view Gmail data using this account?", you should say "Nobody".
  • Additionally, you probably want every person to authenticate with their own account when sending emails. This ensures that every person can send messages from their own account, and it ensures that nobody can impersonate anybody else. 
  • For "Who can take actions in Gmail using this account?", you should say "Only you".


If you want to add the Jira pack to your doc and bring in your Jira issues or projects first select:

  • After installing select Add a new
  • If you have multiple sites for Jira you'll need to choose the one you want to connect and Accept
  • You can go through this process again to set up another site


The Lever Pack enables you to access your Lever data directly from within Coda.   The Lever API uses API tokens for authentication.

To create an API Key, you must be a Lever Super Admin and your organization must be on a Professional or Enterprise Lever plan.

Navigate to Settings > Integrations

Under the heading Lever API credentials, click the Generate New Key button. For the integration name fill in something like “Coda”.

Copy the new API key

Be sure to grant these permissions by checking the corresponding checkboxes:

  • Read: Read stage
  • Read: Read candidate
  • Read: Read posting
  • Read: List stages

Click the Done button then confirm that you Got it to save the key.

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