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Localize date formats and currency
Localize date formats and currency

Learn how to set up localized date formats and currency in your docs

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Coda offers a number of features that allow you to localize your docs to better fit your team. This includes the option to display your data with localized dates formats and currency types. Read on to learn about making these adjustments in your doc.

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Dates and times

Time zones

Each Coda doc has can have its own time zone. To learn all about changing the time zone for your docs or for your Coda account, check out this article.

Date formats

Different parts of the world use different date formats. For all date (and date time) columns in your doc, you can choose the date format that makes the most sense for you and your team.

To update your date or time format for a column, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click on the column header

  2. Select Edit column

  3. Click into the Date format field, and choose from the available options

update date column format.gif

That’s it! That column is now updated. Any connected views will also show that updated format. But you will need to repeat the process for each column and each base table.


Just like the date and time, you'll customize the currency columns in your doc to match whatever type of currency you need. To do so, just follow these steps:

  1. Right-click on the column header of your currency column

  2. Choose Column options

  3. Click into the Symbol field, and choose from the available options

update currency column symbol.gif

Now all values in that column should automatically show your selected currency symbol. At this time, you’ll have to manually adjust this setting for each new currency column you create.


Can I set currency or date format preferences for the entire doc?

At this time, there are no doc-wide preferences for dates formats or currency types. Therefore, you will need to adjust each new date or currency column you create to fit your needs.

Can I translate text in a Coda doc?

Currently, browser tools like Google's Chrome's translate work on most content when a doc is shared read-only, locked, or published. If you expect viewers of a doc to need to translate its content, we recommend applying locking, sharing read-only, or publishing the doc.

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