Creating user-specific views

Learn how the User( ) formula lets you dynamically customize views for every team member and stakeholder

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  • Does this work for my teammates with read-only access?

  • Can I mention or reference a teammate in my doc?

How to create a user-specific view

Let's say that you want to have a view for each teammates tasks on the project, but you have 30 teammates. Instead of making 30 separate subpages for them, why not add one that dynamically filters based on who you are? The best part - you won't be stepping on each others' toes.  In Coda, you can type User() to return the name of the person logged in and viewing the doc which becomes particularly powerful for  streamlining your doc.  Here's how it works:

1) Create a new Page or Supbage (as appropriate to your workflow) and name it My Tasks

2) Create a View from your core task Table in that Page and name it My Tasks 

3) Click the filter icon 

4) Update the filter with the following formula =[Title of task owner column]= User( )

Now this page and view will reflect the task owner only while still updating your core table!

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User view FAQs

Does this work for my teammates who have view only access?
Yes! If the user is logged into Coda and viewing the doc, your formula will hold true. 

Can I mention or reference a user in my doc?
Yes! Simply type the @ symbol and start typing their name. You can then select them from the list that autopopulates. Don't see the person you need? Click Invite People instead. Now, when you hover over the name, you'll see the person's picture, name, and email address as well. 

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