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For Enterprise only: Learn how about our domain capture feature, including how to add and verify owned domains in your Organization Settings

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Customers on Coda’s Enterprise plan can utilize domain capture by adding owned domains in their Organization Settings. Once domains have been added and verified, org admins can manage docs and users with those owned domains. This includes user authentication, provisioning, and more. Read on to learn all about adding and verifying owned domains.

📣 Domain capture is only available to customers on our Enterprise plan. If you're on a non-Enterprise plan and looking to learn about auto-join email domains instead, check out this article. And if you'd like to learn more about upgrading to Enterprise, get started here.

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Add new domains

When you first upgrade to the Enterprise plan, Coda will automatically add at least one domain to your owned domains. To do so, Coda looks at the email addresses of your workspace members (and doc owners), and pulls all unique email domains. For instance, if you have some workspace members with a email and others with a email, Coda will automatically add both and to your owned domains. You can see these automatically-added domains by going to your Organization settings, then clicking into the Domains and access tab. Note that you will need to verify these owned domains in order to activate your Enterprise plan. Refer to the section below on domain verification.

If you want to add more domains, in addition to the ones automatically identified by Coda, just follow these steps:

  1. Click on More options in the lower left corner, then select Organization settings

  2. Click into the Domains and access tab

  3. Under the Owned domains section, click the Add domain button

  4. Enter the domain in the appropriate field, then click Add

add new owned domain.gif

Now that you’ve added a domain, the next step will be to verify it (see the Verify domains section below for instructions). Note that you won’t be able to start managing using from that domain until you’ve completed the verification process.

Verify domains

To complete the process of adding owned domains, org admins will need to verify each domain. To do so, just follow these steps:

  1. Click on More options in the lower left corner, then select Organization settings

  2. Click into the Domains and access tab

  3. Under the Owned domains section, click Verify next to the domain you need to verify

  4. A dialog will open, containing instructions on completing the verification process. The instructions are as follows:

    1. Go to your domain host provider and navigate to the DNS section.

    2. Create a new TXT record and name it the domain or subdomain you are pointing to. Then, copy/paste the code above in the relevant field.

    3. Typically this update will only take a few moments to process. However, there are cases where it might take 48 hours for the DNS record to propagate.

    4. Click the Verify button at the bottom of the dialog, and Coda will check your DNS record.

enterprise verify owned domain.gif


How do I remove an owned domain?

You can remove an owned domain from the Domains and access tab of your organization settings. Simply click on the three horizontal dots next to the domain, and select the Remove domain option.

Frame 1 (25).png

Note that if there is currently a member with that domain in your org, you will not be able to delete the domain. You’ll first need to remove that member before you can proceed with removing that domain.

Who has the ability to add, verify, and remove owned domains?

Only org admins on Coda’s Enterprise plan have the ability to add, verify, or remove owned domains.

Why am I seeing an error that says “Your workspace contains docs or users not associated with a verifiable domain name”?

You’ll see this error message if you try to upgrade to Enterprise but have one or more members in your workspace with non-work email addresses (ex:,, etc.). Since these domains cannot be owned by your org, these members must be removed and offboarded from your workspace before you can activate your Enterprise org.

How does Coda know which domains to automatically add to my “owned domains”?

When you first upgrade to an Enterprise plan, Coda will pull all the domains found across your current workspace member list, and will automatically add these to your owned domains. In order to finish activating your Enterprise org, you will need to verify all of those auto-added domains.

Is the owned domains feature the same as the auto-join domains feature?

No - these are separate features. The owned domains feature (a) is an Enterprise-only, org-level feature. It allows org admins to manage users from those domains, as well as manage their docs.

The auto-join domains feature is a workspace-level feature, available on all Coda plans (Free, Pro, Team, and Enterprise). This feature ensures that anyone with a certain email domain is automatically added to your Coda workspace when they sign up for Coda. Learn more here.

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