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Use comments to notify your team members in docs
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Creating a comment

There are a few options to create comments in your docs. You can @ mention any members in the doc who'll need to see your comments. These comments will remain in place until they are resolved.

In the canvas:

Highlight text in canvas or the cell and press “+”. You'll see the comment dialog pop up once you send the comment.

Adding a comment from a cell:

Double-click into the cell where you need to comment. From here, you'll see the below panel pop-up. Select the "+ Add comment" option to place your comment.

You can also click on the cell or row and then select the "+" to the right of your doc as shown below:

Displaying previews

You can choose “display all previews” in the upper right of any doc, the button next to your avatar. You can also select this from any comment. Coda will remember your choice.

You can open previews for all comments, or opt for a collapsed view. In a collapsed view, you will see the number of comments in the thread, and the profile pictures/avatars of those who commented most recently (up to three). In a collapsed view, you can still select the comment from the side panel, and choose to open it up.

Using reactions

You can react to a comment with your favorite emoji. Note, you won’t receive a notification if you react or receive a reaction.

How to resolve or reopen comments

You can resolve comments once the proper changes were made or if your team members no longer need to see it. If you need to resolve a comment, you'll click on the check mark icon in the top right of your comment thread.

What happens if you accidentally resolve a thread? No worries! You can always re-open your comment threads by selecting the chat bubble icon in the top right of your doc next to your avatar, and then selecting the option "resolved comments". All resolved comments will show in your side panel. From there, select re-open, and the comment thread will re-appear in your doc. Here's what that looks like in action:

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