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Learn how to easily import Notion data into Coda. Bring your Notion workspace to life with Coda's building blocks, Packs, and automations.

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So you want to move some - or all - of your data from Notion to Coda. Luckily, we’ve built some powerful importers that allow you to do just that. With a few clicks, you can now import your Notion pages or workspace to Coda. Read on for more details, or watch this video walkthrough:

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Export from Notion

To kick off the process of bringing your Notion data into Coda, you’ll first want to export from Notion. You can follow the steps outlined under the “Export as HTML” section of this article.

One thing to note: when exporting, you’ll have the option to include subpages. We recommend including subpages, as all tables in Notion rely on data from subpages. Exporting without these will prevent your tables from importing to Coda.

Once you have your export, you can import the file into Coda as a new doc, or to an existing doc.

Import to Coda as a new doc

💡 Tip: To preserve people references (i.e. @Jonny Appleseed in your export), start with a blank doc and share it with those referenced in your Notion doc before importing.

To create a brand new Coda doc with your Notion export, just follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your doc list at

  2. Click the + Templates button

  3. Select the Import option from the bottom left of the menu

  4. Find and click on the Notion option

  5. Click the Select file button

  6. Choose your zipped file, and click Open

Note that large files may take a while to fully import. See our FAQ on load time below for more info.

import notion blank doc.gif

Import to an existing Coda doc

If you want to add your Notion data to an existing Coda doc, follow these easy steps:

  1. Open the desired Coda doc

  2. Type /notion anywhere on your page

    1. Alternatively, just click on the Insert tab in the upper right of your doc, then click into Import

  3. Select the Notion option (under the Import heading)

  4. Click the Select file button

  5. Choose your zipped file, and click Open

Note that large files may take a while to fully import. See our FAQ on load time below for more info.


Why should I switch from Notion to Coda?

Great question! We've put together this comprehensive resource to help you evaluate a possible switch from Notion to Coda - check it out.

What will happen to formulas, filtering, and views when I move data from Notion to Coda?

HTML exports do not support formulas, filtering, and alternative database views, so they won’t come through “as is” in your imports to Coda. However, Coda will retain the values and data, allowing you to apply new formulas or filters after importing.

At the moment, the HTML export is the best option for import fidelity. We are working on updates to the Importer to leverage the Notion API.

Does “workspace” mean something different in Notion than in Coda?

Yes. The term “workspace” means different things between Notion & Coda. In Coda, your workspace is the home base for your team, with folders to organize your docs and permissions. Within your folders, you have docs.

What Notion calls a “workspace” will feel much like a single Coda doc, with subpages. But, in Coda, you can have as many docs you want within the same folder or workspace vs. a single “workspace” in Notion. If you wish to retain each Notion page as a distinct entity, export each page individually to convert each into a doc with its own permissions.

I’m on Safari and running into issues with my Notion import. What can I do?

If you use Safari, update your General Settings so that the Open “safe” files after downloading option is unchecked before you get started. Otherwise, Safari will automatically unzip your Notion export, which will hinder you from importing to Coda.

Why is my Notion import taking so long to complete?

Large imports may take up to a few hours to complete (e.g. 2 GB+). Minimize your browser window and let the importer run in the background while Coda does all of the work for you! Give your import ample time to load.

Closing the window restarts the upload of your Notion doc(s) to our servers. If you see an error message when you try to close the window or navigate to another page, that means the import is not done loading yet. If you do leave the window, the import will typically resume or restart the next time you visit the page.

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