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Supercharge your Coda doc with Zoom to seamlessly provision and manage users ー and their meetings.

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There are a few great ways to connect Coda and Zoom. If you'd like to use Zoom admin information in your Coda docs, continue reading. If you'd like to use Coda's app for Zoom natively in Zoom meetings, please follow these instructions.


In order to use the Zoom Admin Pack you must be provisioned in Zoom as an account admin with permission to manage users, meetings and recordings. You can learn more about Zoom account roles here.


1. Click the Explore menu in the upper right of Coda and choose Packs

2. Search for ZoomAdmin choose the "Packs" option (not "Packs Tables")

3. Click Sign in to install and sign in using your Zoom Admin account

4. Choose which type of view permissions you'd like your doc to have:

  • You'll choose Nobody if you do not want share your Zoom Admin account..

  • You'll choose You and anyone this doc is shared with if you would like anyone to use your account and add a table of your Zoom Admin data (users and recordings), use Zoom Admin column formats in your existing tables, or allow them to create or delete users, and create meetings for them.

5. Choose the type of action permissions you'd like your doc to have:

  • You'll choose Nobody if you don't want the doc to take actions in Zoom

  • You'll choose Only you if you want every person to use their own Zoom admin account for creating meeting or modifying users

  • You'll choose Anyone this doc is shared with if all users can use your Zoom account to create meetings or modify users


The Zoom Admin pack supports synchronizing information in your doc about Zoom Users and their Recordings. Additionally you can schedule meetings for users via. a button or automation. Extended scenarios are allowing you to create or delete user accounts via. buttons or automations.

Synchronizing Users or Recordings

As a Zoom admin, you can create a new table that synchronizes information about all users in your Zoom account:

  • On a new line on the page, type /zoomadmin and click ZoomAdmin under the heading Pack Tables.

  • Select the type of data you’d like to sync - either Users or Recordings.

  • Click on Choose what to sync and customize your sync settings. You can customize the sync policies (frequency and size limit) and for Recordings you can specify the date range.

  • Finally click on Sync now to kick things off.

Creating a meeting on-behalf of a User via a button

To schedule a meeting on-behalf of a user using a button, take the following steps:

  • On a new line on the page, type /button and click “New button.”

  • Under Action select ZoomAdmin → CreateMeeting.

  • Pick the account to use for this action. If you've allowed shared accounts to take actions, you'll see shared accounts here. If you've opted to require each doc user to add their own account, you can use "User's Private Account." To add a new account, select "Set up another account".

  • Set the meeting topic and optional fields for start, end, agenda, and password.

  • Lastly pick the user that you want to schedule the meeting for. You can search via. their email address. Alternatively if you’ve sync’d in the Users table you can use a value from User Id column.

Advanced Scenarios

Advanced scenarios for User management are also possible using button and automation actions CreateUser and DeleteUser. See the formulas ZoomAdmin::CreateUser and ZoomAdmin::DeleteUser for more details.

How do I uninstall the Zoom Admin pack?

There are three ways to uninstall the Zoom Admin pack from Coda:

Via the Zoom Marketplace

This will remove your Zoom Admin credentials from all Coda docs and prevent further use.

  1. Login to the marketplace at https://marketplace.zoom.us/user/installed.

  2. Click the Coda Admin App.

  3. Click the Uninstall button.

  4. This will remove the app from the Zoom Marketplace and remove the Zoom Admin pack from all documents.

Via your Coda account settings

This removes the specific Zoom Admin credential from all Coda docs.

  1. Scroll down the the section ACCOUNTS CONNECTED TO PACKS.

  2. Select Zoom Admin and expand the account you would like to remove.

  3. Click on Remove this account. This will remove the Zoom Admin pack from all documents.

Via the in-doc Packs menu

The Zoom Admin Pack can also be removed from a specific doc by navigating to the Zoom Admin pack settings.

  1. Click the Explore menu in the upper right of Coda and choose Packs

  2. Enter Zoom Admin in the search box and choose Zoom Admin

  3. Click on the vertical dot menu

  4. Select Remove Pack to remove it from the document.

How can I get support with using the Zoom Admin pack?

Coda has three main support channels. Feel free to contact us if you have questions!

  • Check the Help Center for a list of frequently asked questions,

  • Ask the Community for help, or

  • Contact us directly via ? in the bottom right corner of your doc (then click Contact support).

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