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Can Coda be used offline?

Editing your Coda docs in offline mode

Updated over a week ago

The short answer is yes! You are able to edit Coda docs offline and sync your changes once you go back online. 

However, there are some limitations:

  1. You must have a connection to open a doc. If you lose a connection while your doc is open, you can continue to use the doc offline and changes will be synced when a connection is restored. 

  2. If multiple collaborators are concurrently making changes to your doc while you are editing offline, some of your changes might not be saved. 

  3. If you refresh your page, log out, clear your cache, or don't go back online within 30 days of your initial offline edits, you may lose some of your changes. 

We are still making improvements to our offline functionality, so you can expect to see improvements in this area in the future. 

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