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How do I combine two tables into one?
How do I combine two tables into one?
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Often, if you are wanting to combine multiple tables into one view, you might want to tackle your schema again. The easiest way to approach this is to start from one larger base table and branch this table out into filtered views. If you're unfamiliar with views, check out this article on creating and filtering views.

Here's an example! Let's say you have two tables: one for 2018 entries and one for 2019 entries. If they have the same attributes (columns), the easiest way to approach this is to combine your tables and create a column to select the year. From there, you're able to create views and filters to only display one year at a time.

Relation columns

But what if you want to pull values from one table into another? In this case, we'd recommend exploring relation columns. With a column format or formula, you can bring in values from another table to either select or associate with another attribute of your row.

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