If your formula ever gives you an unexpected result or error, there are a few best practices for troubleshooting.

Tip 1 - Check the result

As you write your formula, Coda will populate the result so you can check your work before committing:

Tip 2 - Check the icons

Each input will also have an icon letting you know what type of item you're working with. Make sure that you're pulling the right element (e.g. column, table, row, etc.).  Notice in the table below that if there's only one of those objects, the icon will look different than if there are multiples of that item.

You can also click on any chip to learn more about it:

Tip 3 - Check the colors

When you're working in Coda, elements that come from the same table have the same color so if you're anticipating working from two places make sure that the colors are different:

Tip 4 - Test each step

When all else fails, start creating your formula piece by piece. You'll then be able to ensure that each step is function as expected.

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