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Why is my doc slow, and how can I make it faster?

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As your docs grow, there are many things Coda does behind-the-scenes to make it scale and continue to run smoothly. However, there may be cases where some adjustments to a formula or the doc design can help make your doc 10-1000x faster.

Adjustments can be made based on what you are trying to improve:

  1. Rendering: Switching to big pages takes a long time (more than a few seconds) or scrolling through a long page is slower or less smooth than desired.

  2. Calculations: Your doc shows "Calculating" for long periods of time (more than 5 seconds) when you open the doc or when you add, edit or delete data.

3. Memory: If your doc has too much data in it and has difficulty opening.

Explore each page to learn tips based on the categories above.

Check out this article on optimizing slow formulas in your doc or Ben Lee’s doc on good doc building habits for additional help.

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