As your docs grow, there are many things Coda does behind-the-scenes to make it scale and continue to run smoothly.  However, some users start to notice issues as their docs get bigger.  We are actively working on improvements that will fix these issues so you should see your docs perform significantly faster and scale better on their own over the coming months. Until then, this article walks through the common optimizations that can help make your doc 10-1000x faster. 

The solutions for fixing your doc fall in 3 categories. Click the links below to find relevant troubleshooting steps for each symptom.

  1. Rendering: Switching to big pages takes a long time (more than a few seconds) or scrolling through a long page is slow or not smooth.

  2. Calculation Issues: Your doc shows "Calculating" for long periods of time (more than 5 seconds) when you open the doc or when you add, edit or delete data.

   3. Memory: If your doc has has too much data in it and no longer opens on mobile.

Some of the tips in these pages might seem contradictory so it's important to first diagnose the problem based on the symptom you are seeing.

Check out this article on optimizing slow formulas in your doc for additional help. 

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