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What is the Coda Chrome extension?
What is the Coda Chrome extension?

Learn about Coda for Google Chrome

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What is the Coda Chrome extension?

Learn about Coda for Google Chrome

We built the Coda for Google Chrome extension to make using Coda a more integrated experience. Once installed, the Chrome Extension can:


You can bookmark any webpage to any Coda table in any Coda doc. Once you are on the page you would like to bookmark, go to the right of your address bar and click the orange Coda logo to surface the following menu:


Title your bookmark and then select the document, table, and columns for your bookmark’s attributes. You can also type to search!

Search for docs from your address bar

After installing the extension, type “Coda” into your address bar and then hit “tab” to activate document search. Type your keywords or phrases to search through both the titles and contents of your docs.

You can open your document from the address bar in two ways:

  1. Click on the doc and it will open in a new tab

  2. Select the doc using cursor keys and press “Enter” to open in a new tab

You can turn off (and back on) the search function through drop-down menu accessed when clicking the Coda extension icon.


Multiple tab handling

The extension also comes with the ability to open a doc in only one tab. This means that if you already have your doc open in a tab, you’ll automatically be taken to that open tab when opening any new links to that doc.

To enable tab handling, click on the orange Coda logo at the right of your address bar. Then, click on the gear icon in the top right and change the first toggle (titled “Open one tab per doc”) to match your preferred settings.

Tip: You can pin the Coda extension to your browser by clicking the puzzle piece next to your Chrome profile picture and selecting Coda from the list.

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