Assign before sharing

Set up your doc without sending notifications to teammates until you're ready

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When setting up your doc for the first time, you may want to assign tasks to your teammates. But, you might not want to share with your team until you get it exactly right. Not a problem, when you are working with the People column format, you can decide whether or not you'd like to send notifications. Here's how it works:

  1. Set the Column format to People

  2. When you do so, you can immediately toggle notifications on or off:

3. As you start assigning, you can click Show more to see a list of every other user in your email domain:

If you're a gmail user, it will look a little different. Rather than Show more, you'll see +Invite person instead, and you can select anyone you'd like to add to your doc. 

4. You can then start assigning people as you see fit. Notice if they won't be notified you'll see the bell with a slash icon:

Just a heads up, even if you don't have the notifications toggle turned on, you'll still be able to assign to non-collaborators, and they won't receive a notification. And, if you want to remove people from this list, simply right click their name.

5. Then once your doc is set up, you can formally share with everyone, and turn on notifications letting you unveil your masterpiece when you're ready!

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