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Easily reference and use common or custom formulas throughout your doc

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What is a named formula?

As you start building out your docs, you may find that you want to use one of your handy formulas in multiple places. Rather than having to copy/paste, or remember your work, you can name a formula and use it like a doc variable.

To get started, type =[your formula], and then add a name by clicking where it says "Unnamed Formula":


How to use named formulas

Now that your formula has a name you can reference it anywhere inside your doc. If you need to update your formula, not to worry, those changes will be populated anywhere you used that Named Formula.

Remember, that just like all Coda formulas, Named Formulas can be used in both tables and on the writing canvas. Our favorite thing? When you add another row to a table with a Named Formula, the formula automatically updates to include it.

Renaming formulas

Want to rename your formula? Just click on the original formula and then the name that you created for it.


Named formulas in the Doc Map

If you ever lose track of your named formula, you can track it down by accessing the doc map. Click the cogwheel in the top-right corner > Doc map > Other objects > Formulas. When you click on the formula reference, the doc map will drop you to the page location where that named formula resides in your doc.

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