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See how all of your tables and views are connected

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What is the Doc Map

As your docs grow, you may need an easier way to navigate the building blocks quickly. That's where the Doc Map comes in - just click the gear menu in the upper right and select Doc Map. 

You'll see all the Tables, Views, Formulas, and References connect. The Doc Map will give you the core stats on your Table or View as well as who last edited your doc:

If you want to see a specific Table or View's information, you can also click the link icon on any Table or View in your Coda doc to open the Doc Map:

You can click on any Table to see all the Views of it, and click on any item you see to jump directly to the Table or View in question. Under the Referenced by section, you'll also see how your Tables, Controls, Formulas, and References connect.

Why the Doc Map Matters

So, what does this mean for you? You and any of your doc collaborators can use the Doc Map to:

  • Quickly understand a new doc that's been shared with you

  • Navigate an existing doc easily and efficiently

  • See the structure of your doc

  • See who last edited your doc

  • Troubleshoot Views and Tables

  • Understand the implications of your changes

  • Plan for doc expansion at-a-glance

  • See where your Table is referenced or utilized in controls and formulas


Why don't my updates appear in the Last Edited section?

If you were offline at the time of edits, your time stamp will not appear. 

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