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About Coda on mobile

How to use Coda Mobile


  • Can I edit a doc?
  • How do I customize section icons?
  • Are there Coda apps?

About Coda on mobile

Coda's mobile experience turns your docs into customized mobile apps with no coding. Rather than simply scaling your doc down to a smaller screen, we automatically optimize docs providing a tailored experience just like a custom mobile app. Access Coda from your phone by navigating to or opening a link to any doc.

Currently, you can view any doc on mobile, as well as press buttons. We're hard at work at adding more, including editing support - stay tuned!

How to use Coda Mobile

Opening a doc

When you log into the mobile app, you'll see a list of all your docs as well as a search bar for easy access. Simply tap the doc you'd like to open. 


When you open a doc, you'll see the first four sections as shortcuts along the bottom of your screen. If you want to change which sections are displayed click the More option and choose Customize my shortcuts:

Then, tap the stars to add the section as a shortcut:


For most tables, Coda automatically chooses a mobile-optimized card layout based on the data in the table.  In some cases, no card fits well and Coda will show the table.

Tap on any card to see all of the columns from that row in a full-screen view. And if you want to see the original table, just click the table icon in the top-right.

We'd love your feedback on how your tables look on mobile - send us an email with a screenshot of your table and we'll take a look.


If your table has buttons, these are available by swiping a card to the right:


Can I edit a doc?

Currently the mobile experience is read-only, with the exception of pressing buttons.  We're hard at working enabling editing, commenting and more - stay tuned!

How do I customize section icons?

Currently, certain emoji that appear at the beginning of section names will show as icons in the navigation bar. But stay tuned - we're working on a way to make this easier and expand the icons you can choose for any sections.

Are there Coda apps?

Currently the Coda experience is available from your phone's mobile browser.  We're hard at work on apps as well.

We currently have an early preview program for an iOS app - if you'd like to join, please let us know.

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