We're working diligently to get more users up and running every day. We know waiting in line is never fun—the wait is killing us a bit, too. Here's the reason and process behind it:

We’re reading your responses carefully.

You probably recall that, as part of the invite request, we asked you to tell us how you plan to use Coda. Well, both the quality and quantity of responses was impressive! We’re still combing through your answers, and making sure that Coda, in its current form, can help you do the things you want to do—whether that's managing your customers, tracking your kids' carpooling schedule, or drafting your OKRs.

We want to get support right.

We don't contract or outsource support. Everyone in the company mans the customer support chat about once a month—whether they're an engineer, a PM, a designer, or our CEO Shishir. This way our users get a direct line of communication with the people actually building the product, and we get to learn from our users directly. 

The thing is, there's many more of you than there are of us. If we let everyone in at once, our responses would be a lot slower. We know this way takes a little longer, but it also means a much better experience for you once you’re in!

We're learning from each new user.

We want our users to guide the direction of the product. So we're thoughtfully asking questions, soliciting ideas, and tracking bugs. That level of understanding, and the iteration that follows it, takes time. The good news is that each new user helps make the next person's experience more wonderful.

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