Controls allow you to take your Coda doc to the next level. With Controls, you can add interactive elements to your documents that are typically reserved for applications - for example, you could add a checkbox column and then conditionally format based on that.

How to add a Control Outside the Table

Using Interactive Filters you can  right click on any column to create a control & filter by that column with one click.

How to add Controls in a Table

Pro tip - Scale and Slider can be found by search by name or looking under Number

Filtering Tables and Views based on Controls

If you have an existing control or create one for the + menu you can filter a table or view by the control's value using the Matches function. This makes it easy to match not just on exact values, but also for lists and ranges.

Simply click the filter icon to apply your formula of choice to your table. 

Pro Tip: You can filter any of your tables and views based on any Control in your doc. There's no need to have it in the same page - pretty handy!

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