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Import Markdown files into Coda

Learn how to easily import your Markdown files into Coda

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One of the easiest ways to get started in Coda is with existing data from another tool. Many applications support exporting data as Markdown file, which can then be easily imported into Coda using our import features.

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Learn about Markdown files and Coda

Markdown is a lightweight markup language that can be used to add formatting elements to plaintext text documents. Many document editors and wikis support exporting their content as markdown. Exported markdown files usually end in .md.

Coda supports the basic syntax markdown flavor and as such does not support text colors, highlights and other extended features. The markdown importer supports selecting single or multiple .md files to import. If the exported files were originally zipped, please unzip them first before importing.

Initiate your Markdown import

To import from a Markdown file, type /import into the canvas. From the drop-down, select Markdown. Alternatively, you can just type /markdown directly into the canvas, then select the Markdown option.

Frame 6.png

In the resulting pop-up, click Select files. Once you’ve selected the files to import, just the prompts to complete the import. A new page will be created with the imported content for each file selected.

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