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How to Purchase a Coda Subscription
How to Purchase a Coda Subscription
Get up and running with a Pro or Team workspace
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Looking to move beyond the free tier of Coda or ready to jump in head first to Pro or Team? There are two ways to supercharge your workspace:

  • Upgrade an existing workspace to Pro or Team

  • Create a Pro or Team workspace

Either way, you can start at and use the buttons on that page to select the options you'd like for your Coda workspace. See below for a full walkthrough and the Renewals section for more information on what comes after you upgrade.

Want to try out enterprise? Hit the Let's chat button under the enterprise section, and we'll get in touch with the next steps.

Paying for Coda

Sign in or create an account: If you have an existing Coda account, please log in first using the Sign in tab at the top right of the page. If you don't yet have a Coda account, use the Signup button in the top right corner to make one. Once you've successfully created an account, you can go through the steps below.

In order to upgrade a workspace, you'll have to be a workspace admin. You can check your workspace role in the Members tab of the workspace you're looking to upgrade.

Select options to see cost: visit and choose the options you'd like for your workspace to see the monthly cost.

  • Number of Doc Makers (click here for more info on what a Doc Maker can do). Coda uses the Doc Makers defined in the Members tab of your workspace to make the actual calculations for your bill, but you can use this estimator to get an idea of the monthly price by flipping around the number of Doc Makers and the total number of team members.

  • Monthly or annual payment: If you select annual, you'll get a 15% discount on the monthly rate, and you will pay for the whole year (monthly rate x 0.85 x 12)

Select workspace: If you're logged in to an account with admin access to multiple workspaces, you'll see a dropdown menu right under the monthly/annual selector that allows you to select the workspace you'd like to upgrade. Remember to select the correct workspace here before proceeding.

Proceed with upgrade: Then click the button under the tier you're interested in - it will either say Upgrade (if you're visiting the page while logged in to Coda & have a workspace) or Get Started (if you haven't yet created a workspace or logged in).

If you're not already logged into a Coda account at this point, you'll get a sign in or signup screen. Once you've signed up or logged in, you'll be brought back to the pricing page. Note that this will reset your selections, so you'll have to choose them again.

If you're already logged in, you'll be brought to a payment screen, where you can make updates to the billing cycle: monthly vs. annual billing. Remember that if you select annual, you'll be paying for 12 months of Coda at a discounted rate. If you want to update the number of Doc Makers, you'll have to change which workspace members are assigned the Doc Maker role. Click on Modify Doc Maker seats to pop open the workspace members and edit their roles as necessary.

Make sure you've chosen the correct workspace that you want to upgrade! You can see the workspace name in the top left above the word Purchase or Upgrade. If it's the wrong workspace, go back to and select the one you'd like to upgrade.

All set? Go ahead and enter your name & card details to pay and upgrade your workspace! You've unlocked more superpowers of Coda πŸš€


Your Coda subscription will be renewed on a monthly or annual basis with the same payment method you used.

Adding or removing Doc Makers

When you add or remove a Doc Maker from your workspace, your bill is affected. As soon as they are added, you'll start paying for the Doc Maker, prorated based on when they joined the workspace. For annual plans, you'll get the bill for Doc Maker additions on a monthly basis and monthly plans will get charged in their next monthly cycle.

If you demote a Doc Maker to an Editor, you will see a prorated credit that is equal to the amount of time the user was no longer a Doc Maker in your billing cycle.

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