Tables in Coda are amazing and powerful, but sometimes you just need a quick side-by-side layout for text or images. Now, you can use the page layout features to do just that. Any content in Coda can be arranged into columns, so dream big!

Creating columns

In your doc's canvas, hover over your content and click on the vertical "..." three dots menu. Then click, hold, and drag the content alongside another object.

Alternatively, you can quickly create columns by using the slash command. Just type "/" into the canvas, followed by "column." Then choose from two, three, or four columns. Note that you can create up to four side-by-side columns.

You can even have multiple objects per column. To do so, just grab the content you'd like to add, and drag it into an existing column.

Resizing your content

Not everything needs to be the same size! Hover over the line separator and use the sizing lever to increase or decrease size of a column. The content will then automatically adjust in size.

Selecting & rearranging columns

You can select a column by hovering then clicking the bar that appears above your content. Then just hold and drag to the desired position. Blue lines will appear to indicate where the content will be placed.

Inserting & deleting columns

Right-click on the bar above the column to open the menu. Here you can choose to move or delete the selected column, or you can insert a new column.

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