Why is my Doc "offline"?

What to do when your doc seems to be "offline" despite being connected to the internet

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So you're connected to the internet but your Coda doc says it's "offline."

This can be caused by a number of issues, but luckily it can often be resolved by some simple troubleshooting. We suggest trying the steps below:

  • Log out and back into your Coda account

  • Clear your browser cache and cookies

  • Try opening your doc in a private browser session (like Incognito). If you don't see "offline" in a private browser, then the issue is likely caused by some of your browser extensions. Try disabling any that you don't need.

  • Double-check that your internet connection is stable

  • Check whether you (or your employer) have a VPN or firewall put in place that could be interrupting access

If none of the above troubleshooting steps resolve your "offline" issue, please contact Coda support at support@coda.io.


Why is my Doc not loading?

There are a number of reasons your Doc may not be loading. We recommend first clearing your cache and reloading your browser tab. If that doesn't fix the issue, please reach out to support@coda.io so we can dig a bit deeper.

If a doc is offline, and changes are made — will those changes be lost if the doc is refreshed?

We cache all changes locally with the browser storage, and the next time a user connects, we'll upload the changes. There's always the chance a user deletes their browser data -- but the intention is to preserve edits. Note though, that if you refresh when you have these unsaved changes, they'll now be uploaded in the background, so you won't necessarily see them immediately, rather you may see them come in as if a remote collaborator is making them (though if it's only a few edits it's generally pretty quick.)

If you are on a plane or without Internet for a while, don’t refresh, because you’ll need internet to reload the doc. But you can work as long as that tab is open.

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